How to change the size of the ring: only safe methods

Experts recommend choosing gold rings exactly according to the size of your fingers. Over time, the piece of jewelry can become large or be half a size - a size smaller than necessary. The same often happens with fashion models, blindly selected from a catalog in an online store, inherited as a gift or inherited. Correct the situation will allow an increase or ring reduction. This is a job for experienced professionals. The craftsmen will resize so that no traces remain on the surface.

Which rings can be reduced or enlarged?

Not all decorations can be changed. Jewelers take rings for processing:

  • Smooth and without inscriptions, openwork elements, inserts - they may well be changed at any time. Such jewelry includes everyday, wedding rings without pretentious elements. You can work with rings that have decor, but such a process will take a lot of time.
  • With engraving. It is also possible to work with such models, but it must be taken into account that part of the inscription may be damaged or even removed. Often after work it is necessary to re-engrave, which is also easy to do.
  • with large stones. Engagement, cocktail jewelry and rings with large stones require painstaking work. Such a task is up to a true professional.

In the latter case, the master will have to remove all the stones from the setting before work, after reducing or increasing the product, return them to their place.

What reduction techniques do jewelers use?

The master only after evaluating and inspecting the product will be able to indicate the price for his services and choose the method of work. Reducing the size will be in the following ways:

  • Compression. It is possible to reduce the ring by 1-2 sizes. The method is suitable for products with a diameter of up to 18 cm. For work, the jeweler uses a punch - a disk with recesses and the method of heating the product.
  • Removing a part. The model can already be reduced by 2 cm or more. The ring will be cut with a tool in two places. The ends are carefully soldered and polished.
  • Smaller rim insert. It will be carefully fixed inside the ring. This method is good because it will eliminate the integrity of a vintage product or exquisite rings with openwork filigree, a scattering of small stones.
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Gold is a fairly ductile material that can be worked with. However, the need to change the rings can be completely avoided if you order a suitable jewelry in Ukraine on the website. Here you can pick up exquisite jewelry that does not require additional processing. If necessary, experienced specialists will provide assistance in this matter.

Ring Enlargement Methods

They use the technology of rolling, boring and inserting metal into the product. In the first and in the last cases, it is possible to increase the size due to a decrease in thickness, in the second, they insert metal of the same standard and color that was used to make the jewelry.

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