Retargeting: how to return a customer who never made a purchase

Retargeting: how to return a customer who never made a purchase

Among the many modern promotion strategies and tools, it is difficult to choose what is right for your company. For example, not everyone understands the difference between remarketing and retargeting. Some believe that these are two different names for the same instrument, but this is not so.

What is the difference between retargeting and remarketing

You can read in detail about search remarketing and its types in an article from MixDigital. This is an advertising strategy, the purpose of which is to notice the interest of a potential buyer in a product or service and keep his attention. Imagine that a person opened product cards or put them in a shopping cart, but did not make a purchase. The task of remarketing is to remind him of the interest shown and encourage him to purchase.

Retargeting is part of this broad concept and is a specific technology for displaying ads to users who have completed certain actions. It is well suited to areas with a long purchase cycle, where a potential client is looking at high-value offers, such as cars and real estate, for a long time.

Also, the technology is effective for promoting goods with rapidly renewed demand. It can be food, cosmetics, beauty services. For example, if you consider that girls dye their hair once a month, you can set up ads to appear three weeks after a potential client has visited the salon website.

Which type of retargeting to choose

The most popular way to set up retargeting is to work with your website or social media page. You can include all visitors and subscribers in the promotional mailing list, or select only those who have completed a certain action. It is also recommended to try the following types of retargeting:

  1. By downloaded list of customer phone numbers and email addresses. In this case, you can choose those who have already bought from you, or those who were only interested in goods or services.
  2. With a QR code. This is a convenient way to attract an audience to your site from a webinar or offline conference.
  3. For mobile app users. Special offers can be shown to those who often visit the program or those who have not opened it for a long time.
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Retargeting is an effective tool that encourages a customer to buy, but you should use it carefully, because too intrusive advertising can cause negative feedback. Specialists of the MixDigital advertising agency will help you set up the work correctly. Entrust the promotion of your products and services to professionals!

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