How to quickly check a car for fines in Ukraine

How to quickly check a car for fines in Ukraine

Previously, patrol service inspectors issued fines personally, but in the summer of 2020, the situation began to change. It is no longer necessary to stop the car, to talk with the driver - photo and video recording devices are being installed throughout Ukraine.

The results of automation are positive, the system has significantly reduced the number of accidents on the roads. The downside of the innovation is that it is difficult for a driver who has exceeded the speed limit or parked in the wrong place to figure out how to look at the traffic fine, where to track the notices. The car owner may suddenly receive a notification or be left in the dark - the paper comes strictly to the registration address.

Sometimes messages are delayed along the way, lost. The sharp increase in the number of letters has made the search service in demand. To help car owners, there are ways to check fines in Ukraine from a smartphone or laptop, and make payments on time.

Terms, conditions

The moment of payment must not be missed, information about the amount not paid on time will be sent to the register of debtors and the enforcement service. The amount of penalties varies, depending on the repayment period. Motorists are interested in getting information quickly and transferring money. The usual way is to go to the Patrol Police Department. By presenting a passport and vehicle number, the owners receive the necessary data.

A quick check of fines by car number is available online - you don’t have to leave your home for this. Some services combine information and fast payment via the Internet. After paying off the debt, the user will be able to verify that the status of the document has changed.

Official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

The search for violations upon request issues a photo report, detailed information about the amount of the fee, and a description of the violation. If you pay the fine within 10 days, its amount will be halved. To find out about the presence or absence of penalties, you will need the numbers of an identity document, a vehicle.

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The service helps to quickly find information, frees from red tape with papers. Options for accessing the service - website, Telegram bot, Android app, iOS version. All links are available from the first page of the website.

The Telegram bot "Fine PDR" will appeal to regular users of the messenger. Here it is easy to understand how to check yourself for fines. Fresh information will appear according to the car number and details of the document, you can use:

  • passport or registration certificate;
  • driver's license;
  • TIN.

Enter the numbers, the bot will inform you about the available penalties for a particular car.

Application for iOS or Android

Programs for common operating systems allow you to monitor fines. Fines of the PDR is the official software from the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Android and iOS. Registered users add TIN or vehicle information. The application finds detailed data on violations, a plan for the placement of cameras for automatic recording.

There is a transition to the payment service, setting up notifications about new charges. By clicking on a fresh document, the driver can get acquainted with the details or proceed to payment. Payments are available on the details of payment cards.

Internet Banking

On the site of the online bank, you can check by the order number. The Privat24 application for PC or smartphones has functions for tracking and repaying debts. How to check a car for fines? You need to go to the payments section, find traffic violations. Unpaid amounts in Privat24 are found by identification code.

A similar function is provided in the mobile from Universal Bank JSC. Going to the "Other payments" menu, enter the details of the decision, pay off the debt in full.

Electronic driver cabinet

The virtual office is available to users with a BankID or MobileID electronic digital signature. Drivers can get to the electronic office through the Government portal or the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. How to check fines on a car by VIN code will become clear after authorization. Other features of the multifunctional cabinet: history, characteristics of the vehicle, ownership rights, ordering services.

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You can learn about penalties in time not only at the sites listed above. The service contains data that is easy to find by passport, TIN and vehicle numbers. The Ministry of Digital Information of Ukraine has developed the Diya application for ID-passport holders. Set up automatic messages so that updates appear regularly without your efforts.

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