How to help a person with depression

How to help a person with depression

When someone close to you is depressed, it's terrible. I want to pull him out of this nightmare, but quickly. This can be done in several ways, which we will now discuss.

Statistics show that almost every fourth person has experienced such a condition in their life. This is a fairly common occurrence, but it should not be confused with just a bad mood or the so-called subdepression - a mild depressive state.

Clinical depression is treated with medication!

What characterizes depression

To deal with a depressive state, you must first clearly understand what it is and what it is characterized by. There are three main symptoms that occur when this disorder appears.

  • Bad mood. With depression, a person completely ceases to rejoice, including that which has always helped before cannot cheer him up.
  • Motor retardation. A person in a depressed state is constantly subject to a feeling of fatigue, which does not go away from any rest. It is very difficult to go somewhere or do something in such a state.
  • Disrupted thinking. The person thinks longer than usual. Thoughts cannot normally form into logical chains.

These are the signs of depression. If they are observed in a loved one for a long time - more than a month, one and a half, then you should consult a specialist, since the depressive state goes into the clinical section. But you can deal with subdepression on your own.

First aid for depression

We note right away that, as such, there are no “healing phrases” that will help with depression. It is in your power to try to pull a person out of a state of depression, but you should always be prepared for the fact that you may need the help of a qualified specialist.

Moreover, if in your opinion nothing helps, then you should carefully refer your ward to a doctor. This is due to the fact that if a person really has depression in the clinical stage, then he urgently needs the help of a certified specialist who can prescribe the necessary medication.

Keep in mind that in a state of depression, a person may not behave quite correctly. In particular, he may inadvertently hurt you with his words or behavior. He most likely does not want to do this, but the difficult condition clouds his mind.

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Be patient if you really want to help. Next, we will analyze what needs to be done with depression.

What to do about depression

Let's figure out what to do with a loved one who is in mild depression. We note right away that you will need a lot of patience and participation in a person in order to pull him out of this state. So, we list the main things you need to know when “preventing” subdepression.

Let the person experience it

Sometimes people trying to be supportive can only make things worse. If you tell a friend something like this: “Yes, stop thinking about it and that's it! Life goes on.” will make matters worse.

The state of sadness for a person is not so dangerous, so let him just experience this state, easing it, and not pushing it towards a “cure”.

With a person in this state, you need to be frankly honest, even if the truth seems offensive to your loved one.

Don't discount failure

Never say: “Come on, forget it”, “Nothing like that”, etc. It only devalues ​​a person's feelings. It seems to you that you are so supportive of a person, but really set him up against your help.

Remember that it takes time to learn from your failures. And this time is different for everyone.

On the contrary, try to show the person that his experiences and attempts are important. What to say to a depressed person? You can say, “You tried, but it didn't work. But you know what? What matters is what you tried, what matters is what you experience. You can always rely on me - I am there and will help you.”

Careful with jokes

A joke is a great tool to make a person laugh. But not with depression. A random word can stir up sadness more than before. Therefore, before you start joking, ask yourself the question: is it necessary? Do not be ironic about the situation if you want to help, not harm.

Don't make a man go somewhere

If a friend is depressed, this does not mean that he needs to be dragged to parties and outdoor activities. In a depressed state, a person simply cannot physically rejoice. Therefore, when he is surrounded by merry companies, he will only feel bitter. After all, a logical question will appear: “Why can’t I do it like they do? Is there something wrong with me?”

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Be patient

If you see that a person is depressed, then do not speak to him in an aggressive way. Think about what to say to the person with depression. For example, the typical “Pull yourself together, rag!” can make the situation much worse. Yes, and after this specifically, you can no longer help, because the person will simply close.

Therefore, you need to be very well stocked with patience, be as restrained and calm as possible. Closely monitor your ward and remember that if a depressive state lasts more than a month, then this is a great reason to see a doctor, since clinical depression is treated with medication.

Be there for difficult times

If it comes to the fact that your loved one really has clinical depression, then you need to gently refer him to a specialist. You can go with him if needed.

The problem is that people in this state may be afraid to go to the doctor, afraid that they have something more than ordinary depression. Unfortunately, pop culture has significantly perverted this notion.

Therefore, it is extremely important to explain to the person that the doctor can help. How to support a person in depression? Be there and be ready to help. This is the most important thing in this situation.

To sum up

Depression is a serious condition that cannot simply be ignored. If you see that a person close to you is depressed, then try to provide him with the help he needs.

The above is not a panacea and may not always work. Keep in mind that the human mind is a rather complex system that is not so easy to understand.

Therefore, you must always be prepared that you will have to seek the help of a specialist. Your task in this scenario of events is to make sure that a person in a depressed state of his own free will, not by force, goes to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. At least to the psychologist that he directed further.

Depression is not a joke, do not devalue such a state of your loved ones and, moreover, do not joke about it. Jokes are not always appropriate.

Remember that depression can and should be cured. This is a matter of time, albeit a long one. Therefore, do not lose heart and do not leave your friend under any circumstances.

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