The best torrent client: how to choose

The best torrent client: how to choose

The BitTorrent protocol is extremely popular on the Internet. This method of downloading files is practically the most optimal due to the specifics of the exchange mechanism. Its essence lies in the partial transfer of information data with the support of "resume" and "distribution". In fact, when downloading a huge number of files, the load will occur not only on the server, but on various PCs of users who “share” the downloaded files among themselves. This method makes it possible, firstly, to eliminate the danger of interrupting the download (due to an unstable Internet connection), and, secondly, it will make it possible to maintain good speed. All of the above is available using specialized software. It's called torrent software. With their help, you can access the torrent tracker, which is now the most valuable source of various information. In this article, we will review torrent clients, determine which torrent client is better.

We will consider the 5 most popular programs today. This:

  • uTorrent,
  • BitTorrent,
  • MediaGet
  • qBittorrent,
  • BitComet.

When compiling the rating of torrent clients, the functionality and popularity of each application were taken into account. Undoubtedly, each user has his own favorite programs, which may not be in this list. Which software to use is a personal choice for everyone. All the best torrent clients presented below in the review have been repeatedly approved by users and experts. Therefore, we will describe them further in the article.

1st place - uTorrent



uTorrent is in first place in the ranking. The program is considered the most common among all other torrents. This is evidenced, for example, by statistics. Every day, uTorrent is used by about several million users from all over the world. Another fact is the duration of the development. It was created back in 2005. Since then, the program has only grown in popularity. Until now, it is considered the best torrent downloader compared to other software developments.

This software is economical in terms of resource consumption. At the same time, the program has a rich and varied functionality. These are high customizability, Russian-language interface, automation options and download speed limits.

In addition, the features of the program are as follows:

  • search for torrents is carried out in an extensive catalog;
  • excellent download speed;
  • there is a speed limit option;
  • the option of delayed shutdown of the computer system is provided;
  • you can use the free version without restrictions.

For a fee, users are offered a more “advanced” version with additional options. For example, the PRO version of uTorrent is a priority because it has no ads, built-in virus protection, etc.

Other advantages of the software:

  • system requirements are minimal. This makes it possible to install the program on a low-powered system;
  • highest operating speed. The undoubted advantage of uTorrent is that the processing response is extremely fast;
  • anonymity. Another distinctive and outstanding feature of the software. Here you can work with protocol encryption, proxies, and other methods that are designed to hide the user's stay on the network.

Another interesting option is to download files one by one. That is, when you upload several files at the same time, you can choose one of the options: whether they will be downloaded in order or all together and at once. You can work with this software on different operating systems. It is used not only on Windows, but is also compatible with Mac, Android and iOS. It follows from this that such a torrent client successfully works on gadgets, smartphones, and tablets.

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Another nice file uploader option is the presence of a built-in player. This makes it possible to play previously downloaded video or audio files.

2nd place - BitTorrent



He is considered the ancestor of the currently existing torrent clients. This software appeared before everyone else - back in 2001. It arose at the same time as the protocol of the same name. The program successfully exists and is safely downloaded to this day. The application has the main options for interacting with torrents, its functionality is quite similar to many other torrent clients. In some ways, it is similar to the uTorrent program. They have very similar interfaces, and there are other similar functions. An interesting fact is that BitTorrent is multilingual.

Software functionality:

  • many different languages ​​are supported;
  • you can upload several files at the same time;
  • torrent is very easy to use, many processes are automated

The file downloader has good performance against the background of low consumption of system resources Refers to free torrent clients.

The last point requires clarification. There are 2 software versions. That is, the program can be downloaded both for free and for money. The paid version has more functionality and no ads.

3rd place - MediaGet



This software is often used to find and download torrent files. Its interface is simple and convenient, and it also provides access to a large number of various files. The program originated in 2010, it is a product of the developers of our country. The big plus of this torrent manager is the following. After you have entered the program, it becomes available to view the distribution of the best domestic and foreign trackers. That is, you can choose in the vast catalog of distributions, where you can download any file, in a few clicks. You do not have to spend time registering on resources, which is very convenient.

Priorities for using MediaGet:

  • a huge database of files is available;
  • download speed is very high;
  • intuitive and comfortable interface;
  • you can play media files online;
  • there is a detailed description of the files;
  • The software can be downloaded for free.

The program is often chosen precisely because of the vastness of its catalog and the convenience of working with it. It is not just a list of media files, but it has a classification, division by genre, etc.

4th place - Qbittorrent


Simple in functionality torrent manager, with a comfortable interface, good performance. Most importantly, this program does not have annoying ads (this is the real scourge of all other similar software developments). However, the benefits of the product do not end there. After all, he has the option to search for files by trackers. This means that the program is more than progressive, has every chance of becoming a real favorite among other torrent clients in the future. The program has the option of downloading files sequentially and playing media directly when downloading.

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What is available to the user when downloading qBittorrent? Let's name the main prerogatives:

  • simplicity and convenience of the interface;
  • lack of advertising;
  • you can use a large number of media files;
  • there is a search in directions, sections (games, audio files, etc.);
  • simplified functionality makes it possible to easily create and distribute torrents;
  • the program is free to use.

The most important priority of the software is the ability to choose the boot sequence.

5th place in the ranking - BitComet


This type of software makes it easy for users to download any file. There is no restriction on the BitTorrent protocol here. For example, it is allowed to use HTTP and FTP protocols to download files. The program differs from other torrent managers in its interface and functions. In addition to a variety of options, an internal chat is available for use. With its help, users can communicate productively, engage in various kinds of communications on the network. In addition, the differences utility is very similar to uTorrent. It has the option of limiting speed, previewing files.

Pros of using BitComet:

  • available to preview files;
  • support for different HTTP/FTP protocols, not just one;
  • high download speed is supported;
  • there is a sequential download;
  • automation settings are universal and very convenient;
  • there is a task scheduler;
  • The software is available for free download;
  • there is caching.

The utility perfectly performs all its basic tasks. With its help, you can easily find the desired media files through a search. Loading occurs at high speed, which is a priority for customers.

How to choose the best torrent client for yourself?

After all of the above, you must be wondering: “How do I choose the best torrent client to meet my needs?”.

Here are some tips:

  • Platform Compatibility. Whether you're using Windows, macOS, or Linux, it won't be hard to find the right torrent client for you. In addition, torrent files are suitable for any torrent client, which means that you can download them regardless of the program you use. There are also many P2P clients for Android and several apps for iOS.
  • Program size and performance. The most popular torrent clients weigh a little. You can download and install them in an instant. In addition, they tend to have little effect on system performance. This is especially important as it can take several hours to download a large torrent file.
  • Easy to use. The good news is that you don't have to be an IT expert to download torrents. However, some of these clients tend to have overly complex user interfaces. It is better to study in detail the various parameters and functionality of the program. Otherwise, you should choose a basic application without third-party extensions.
  • Price and advertising in the program. Most P2P clients are completely free. However, some of them contain ads and additional software when installed, which is a way to generate income.


In this review of free torrent clients, we have reviewed the main applications that are used most often now. You can optionally download a paid version of any program. The only difference is the availability of additional options. In general, the functionality of paid and free programs is almost the same.

The best torrent clients:

  1. uTorrent
  2. BitTorrent
  3. MediaGet
  4. qbittorrent
  5. BitComet
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