Tablet selection. What to look out for

Tablet selection. What to look out for

The tablet computer is one of the most popular modern gadgets. It is actively used in everyday life, for work and study. Compact, powerful and mobile Huawei matepad is an indispensable companion for adults and children, as it performs many functions that were previously available only to a large PC.

When buying a tablet, first of all, consider its purpose. If you are looking for a device for working with text documents, budget models with limited functionality and a small screen will be the best solution. To watch movies, process images and video files, games, you will need more productive models with more memory, a modern matrix and a large display diagonal. Consider the key parameters for choosing tablets in more detail.


A high-quality and clear image not only makes it easier to work with files, but also reduces eye strain. When buying a tablet, consider not only the size of the diagonal, but also the type of matrix:

  • TN, TFT. These are outdated technologies that are practically not used by modern manufacturers. Their disadvantages include a limited viewing angle, insufficient brightness and contrast of the picture, basic color reproduction. Such matrices can be found only in a few budget developments.
  • IPS. One of the most common options, which is versatile and is found in models of different brands, regardless of cost. This matrix guarantees a juicy image with excellent detail due to natural color reproduction, high brightness and contrast, and an increased viewing angle of up to 180 degrees.
  • AMOLED. This type of matrix is ​​characterized by increased image depth due to enhanced contrast and rich blacks. AMOLED differs from other technologies in its structure: each screen pixel works as a separate unit and does not interact with its “neighbors”.

Operating system and performance

Modern tablets work on the basis of three well-known operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows. Some models support two operating systems from those offered at once. Each of the operating systems has advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing a user, it is better to be guided by personal requirements for the gadget and preferences.

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When deciding on performance, be guided by the purpose of the model. Solving office tasks or watching cartoons does not require serious resources and allows you to limit yourself to a simple budget model. But to work with photos and videos, gaming, you need more productive and functional equipment. 

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