The subtleties of replacing thermal paste in a laptop

One of the main reasons why a laptop overheats is bad or old thermal paste. It acts as a kind of gasket between the radiator and the processor of the device, effectively removes and dissipates heat. Over time, the thermal paste begins to dry out, as a result of which its properties deteriorate, which means that the cooling system in the laptop becomes less efficient. Therefore, at least once a year, thermal paste must be replaced.

The subtleties of replacing thermal paste in a laptop

The main thing to do before studying the information on how to change the thermal paste in a laptop and proceeding directly to this manipulation is to go to the manufacturer's website and make sure that the thermal paste is really present in a particular model. An alternative solution may be a thermal pad, and if it is removed and replaced with thermal paste, the consequences will not be the best.

In order to change the paste in a laptop, you have to disassemble the device and separate the motherboard and cooling system. The thermal paste is located precisely on the latter - it will have to be removed by carefully using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and then apply a fresh layer.

Additionally, the cooler is always cleaned of dust, and the assembly is then carried out in the reverse order.

Why is it necessary to apply thermal paste to the laptop cooling system

Such manipulations are required when the laptop starts to noticeably overheat. This directly affects its performance, data is processed more slowly, the computer freezes. It is at these moments that the question arises of how to change the thermal paste on a laptop. If the processor and video card heat up above normal, then the laptop turns off spontaneously. Again, a normal temperature is necessary so that the computer can work correctly for the time allotted to them by the manufacturer. The recommended replacement period for thermal paste is 1-2 years. Someone rents a computer for this purpose to a service center, relying on specialists, but it is much easier to do it yourself.

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Replacing Thermal Paste - Basic Steps

Replacing thermal paste on a laptop is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Much depends, of course, on the design of the device, but most often it is not necessary to completely disassemble the laptop. It is enough to follow the list of actions in order to do everything as expected and replace the thermal paste on the laptop no worse than the master.

Thermal paste is pre-purchased, which is sold in small portions in special stores. Then just follow the instructions. It is important to perform each action carefully and correctly, in this case, no problems will arise.

First of all, you need to disconnect the device from the power supply and remove the battery. Next, the cover is removed from the bottom of the laptop with a screwdriver. The inside should contain a cooler fan and a metal tube. If they are missing, then the analysis should be continued.

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Some laptops have to be disassembled almost completely, even removing the keyboard. You can do this by looking at videos on the web.

After the cooling system opens directly, it is important to first carefully study its structure and note where the connector and cable are located. The corrector should be disconnected from the motherboard using tweezers. Further, the numbered screws differ in order. Only then can the cooling system be removed from the motherboard. Traces of used thermal paste will be visible in this place - here you will have to apply a new layer. The surface of the cooling system must be wiped with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol, thus eliminating the remnants of the old thermal paste.

Next, the cooler must be disconnected from the cooling pipes by unscrewing the corresponding fasteners. The tape that secures the fan to the air outlet system is also removed.

Those who clean the laptop quite infrequently will most likely see a layer of dust - it is because of it that the laptop overheats. Cotton swabs and alcohol also come to the rescue here, with which you can effectively clean the cooler.

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Then it is reconnected to the cooling system, in addition, a special thermal tape can be used as a fastener. A small amount of paste is applied to the surface of the cooling system. The same should be done with the processor - replacement of the paste in the laptop is also required on this component. The main thing is not to overdo it, since the paste should not spread, and therefore you should try to distribute it as evenly as possible. The next step is to bring the cooling system to the position in which it was located before removal. All bolts must be installed. After that, the connector is connected to the laptop motherboard, the rest of the parts are also installed in place.

With the case completely closed, you can put the removable battery back - that's it, the computer is ready to work, and you can turn it on.

Naturally, cleaning a laptop from dust and replacing thermal paste is not a harmless procedure at all, and it may well cause difficulties for a novice user. The parts inside the case can be quite complex, in which case it takes a lot of time to disassemble. At the same time, it is by no means possible to postpone the preventive cleaning of the laptop from dust. Ignoring overheating leads to breakdowns, and quite serious ones. If it is not possible to clean the laptop yourself and replace the thermal paste, you can turn to specialists who will do it according to all the rules. Such a service is inexpensive, and the user will be able to operate his equipment without any problems, without thinking about how to change the thermal paste on the laptop processor - the master will do it for him.

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