How to deal with panic in a stressful situation

How to deal with panic in a stressful situation

Now the question of how to get rid of panic attacks is becoming more and more relevant. Everything here is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. To solve a problem, it is important to understand its essence. However, let's understand everything in order.

A panic attack is a state of intense panic or anxiety. In this case, it seems to the person that a little more, and he will faint, or die. It makes it hard for him to breathe. Attacks can last for 15-20 minutes. The peculiarity of panic attacks is that they occur suddenly. And often there is no reason for this condition. I would like to talk about how to deal with bouts of fear. The answer does not lie on the surface. Here you need to look deeper into yourself.

Panic attacks have a second name - fear of fear - no matter how trite it may sound. You can consider this condition on the example of a phobic disorder if you need to fly an airplane - aerophobia. In this case, people are not afraid that they will fly. The fear arises from the fact that they will fly and they will have a panic attack. Let's dive into the essence of fear for a bit. The human autonomic nervous system consists of two divisions. This is the sympathetic NS (it is responsible for the basic reactions that occur during stress - “freeze”, “run”, etc.) and the parasympathetic NS (responsible for peace). When a stressful situation arises, a state of panic, the sympathetic NS is in a state of excitation, and the parasympathetic NS is in the so-called sleep mode. If you want to deal with your problem, then your task is to change the balance of power.

If you learn to understand and be aware of what is happening with your body, then it will be easier for you to cope with panic attacks. If you are interested in the answer to the question of how to overcome panic, you need to learn to understand that such a state is temporary, it will pass. At the same time, nothing threatens you.

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What's wrong with you - panic attacks or health problems

Help with a panic attack can be different. To begin with, it is worth making sure that this condition is not associated with health problems. Each of us has faced or periodically faces the usual anxieties and panics. Panic attacks, on the other hand, are a more serious disorder. It is accompanied by nausea and severe dizziness. Do not confuse panic attacks with other diseases. For example, they are somewhat similar to the condition in which a heart attack occurs. Panic attacks can also be associated with respiratory diseases or neurological disorders. So initially you need to contact a specialist for a thorough examination. This will make sure that nothing threatens your health.

How to deal with an attack

There are several recommendations for how to calm down when panicking. Breathing practices have become quite widespread. If you use them, then you can at least slightly stabilize your condition. You can use one simple exercise: you need to inhale deeply and slowly through your nose and exhale just as slowly through your mouth. You need to concentrate on your breathing. If you turn on the music, drink water, listen to music, then you will also feel a little better.

Practices of directed imagination and mindfulness are quite effective in solving the problems associated with panic attacks. Let's talk about them in more detail. The practice of directed imagination consists in the fact that a person must imagine something good. You must visualize what a safe place looks like for you. If a stressful situation suddenly arises, then you should imagine that you are in this safe place. Then it will be easier for you to calm down.

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If you want to learn how to quickly get rid of a panic attack, you can use mindfulness practice. They are in meditation. In this case, a person plunges into a state in which he must monitor his breathing. Next, you have to scan your body. Sequentially move from one part of the body to another, try to relieve tension.

Refusal of coffee and stimulating drinks

It is also important to understand the point that panic attacks have a relationship with physiology. According to scientists, in many cases, the tendency to panic attacks can be inherited. There is also an opinion that, despite the fact that these conditions and without any reason, sometimes they are provoked by a person's physiological reaction to something. A full-fledged fear of an attack can make itself felt if a person has a rapid heartbeat due to sports or coffee, and he takes this as the beginning of a panic attack. The same applies to the body's response to certain medications. If you want to reduce the risk of a panic attack, then you should give up all this.

If you want to know how to deal with an SVD attack, you should study your triggers. A person is designed in such a way that he tries to avoid situations in which panic attacks occur. For example, if this condition arose in a large supermarket, then in the future he will do everything not to visit such places. On the contrary, you need to look fear in the eye, convince yourself that there is nothing terrible in visiting a supermarket. If the problem cannot be solved on your own, then it is already worth asking for help from specialists. They will help you solve the problem. Now you know how to get rid of panic fear.

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