Fishfinders Garmin

Garmin produces high quality fish finders, so they will not let you down in extreme conditions. The convenient features will satisfy the needs of any angler, and the good value for money makes the devices popular in the market.

Why Choose Garmin Fishfinders

Sounder Garmin can be used on lakes and rivers, as well as in coastal waters. Some models are equipped with GPS navigators, so they allow you to mark selected points, save routes and indicate the required coordinates. They draw a map of the reservoir on their own. Models with screens of 7 and 9 inches can transfer the received data to the smartphone application thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi.

On sale there are echo sounders with a monitor from 4,3 to 9 inches. All of them have the following features:

  • small dimensions;
  • housing protected from moisture;
  • convenient control with ergonomic buttons;
  • color display for a clearer picture;
  • built-in DownVü technology that delivers high-quality images even in murky waters.

Thus, you can get all the information about the fish in the range of the echo sounder, as well as timely detect various obstacles in the water.

To choose the right model, you need to determine which features are of paramount importance to you. To do this, evaluate:

  • echo sounder mounting method;
  • device dimensions;
  • radius of action;
  • orientation of the device;
  • technical data;
  • Terms of Use;
  • functionality.

Fishermen using Garmin fishfinders can significantly increase their fishing efficiency thanks to the detailed information about the reservoir displayed on the monitor of the device. With echolocation, you can control the speed of your boat, identify specific fish within the range of the echo sounder, have an idea of ​​the bottom, and accurately place your lure. These and other features make your workflow easier and allow you to get a good catch.

Online store «Optimus» offers a wide range of products for fishing and tourism. You can choose a quality fish finder and purchase all the accessories you need in one place. If you need help, please contact the company's managers, they will help you choose the model that best suits your needs. Delivery of goods is carried out in all settlements of the country.

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