Diesel generators: features and benefits

Diesel generators: features and benefits

A reliable option for ensuring uninterrupted power supply in a private house, on a suburban area, construction site, in a small warehouse or industrial premises are diesel generators. They can be used both as a backup and as the main power source when it is not possible to connect to a centralized network. They are used to create an emergency system in enterprises where it is necessary to maintain the non-stop operation of equipment.


Diesel Generators /products/diesel-generators are stationary or mobile power plants, one of the main elements of which is an electric generator equipped with a diesel engine. The design of the diesel generator includes:

  • alternator;
  • internal combustion engine;
  • control and management system;
  • battery;
  • fuel tank;
  • cooling system;
  • lubrication and exhaust elements;
  • voltage regulator.

All nodes are enclosed in a frame or housing, depending on the model of the generator.


Diesel generators have a number of advantages compared to gasoline counterparts:

  • Power. The performance of these types of generators can reach more than 200 kW.
  • High efficiency. In some models, this figure reaches from 70 to 80%.
  • Possibility of functioning for a long time period. This property is invaluable for enterprises where the shutdown of the production cycle or the cessation of equipment operation can lead to an accident, and also entails significant economic losses.
  • Wide operating temperature range. Most models are designed for operation at temperatures from -40 to +40°C.
  • Low noise level. Most modern versions of diesel generators are equipped with a soundproof housing.
  • Profitability. Cost optimization in the operation of a diesel generator consists of equipment reliability, low fuel consumption, durability and minimal maintenance.

The most important advantage of diesel generators is the ability to stabilize the output voltage automatically. This avoids damage to devices during power surges and makes it possible to use them to service sensitive medical and electronic equipment that requires an uninterrupted supply of high-quality current.

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