How to Delete Instagram: Use Easy Ways

How to Delete Instagram: Use Easy Ways

Social platforms from the Meta ecosystem began to lose popularity. Many users want delete Instagram, feeling the harm of the social network. The negative impact is confirmed by a number of specialized studies. As reported in the materials of the popular portal Vector Media, Canadian experts were able to establish a clear link between user behavior on social resources and the production of the so-called stress hormone. We are talking about cortisol, which, with a critical increase, provokes a feeling of anxiety and a state of insomnia.

Temporary deletion of Instagram

The desire of users to delete a profile from Instagram is quite justified. The social network focuses on the material manifestation of success and appearance. This contributes to lower self-esteem. Site participants compare themselves with other users. The result often has negative consequences in the form of psychological problems. Even an internal investigation by Meta confirmed the negative impact of the Instagram account on the teenage psyche.

Any user of a social resource has the ability to temporarily delete Instagram using a smartphone device. The following simple steps are provided:

  1. Open the "Settings" section in your own account and select the "Help" item
  2. Use the "Help Center" and specifically the personal account management point.
  3. In the search box that appears, indicate "Temporarily disable" and take advantage of the offer to open an article on how to delete a profile from Instagram for personal comfort.
  4. Activate the link to temporarily disable your personal account and open an article called "Instagram site from a mobile browser." Upon activation, a link opens that redirects to the mobile browser functionality.

Next, the user is on the main page of the personal account. By clicking the option to edit the profile, it remains to go down to select the temporary disconnection of your account. The social platform will take an interest in the reason for disabling the service. It is necessary to mark the current option, enter the current password and activate the "Temporarily disable account" option.

If you need to delete a profile from Instagram through a computer device, then the steps are even simpler. You should go to the Instagram web resource using your personal profile, click on the photo and select the settings section. At the bottom of the page, use the link with the title "Temporarily disable my account. Next, also indicate the reason for your decision and confirm the correctness of the password.

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Deleting Instagram permanently

At the same time, any user has the right to delete a profile from Instagram on a permanent basis. If you use a smartphone, you must:

  • launch the application, go to your personal profile and select the section with settings;
  • in the "Help" section, use the "Help Center";
  • select the option regarding account management;
  • in the provided search bar, enter exactly “Delete profile” and follow the appropriate link.

Next, the reason for which the decision was made is indicated and the password is confirmed.

If you want to remove Instagram from a computer device, a network web resource opens. To go to the "Help Center" use the "Help". The option is at the bottom right. Then, by analogy with a smartphone, the deletion of the “account” is selected, the reason is indicated and the correctness of the password is confirmed.

The social network gives another month to change your mind and easily restore your personal profile. To do this, simply log in to the site as standard. If this has not been done within 30 days, then the Instagram profile is automatically permanently deleted.

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