Optimization of business processes using cloud PBX

For the success of commercial activities and the effective operation of companies, high-quality communication with partners, customers, and suppliers is necessary. Communication within the company and interaction with the outside world play a huge role in the daily processes of the enterprise. IP-telephony is the best solution for business. Using the capabilities of cloud PBXs allows you to reduce the cost of calls and messages, create a functional corporate network and set up a stable connection.

Features of interactive VATS

Cloud telephony works through the servers of data centers located in different countries of the world. Innovative technologies help to create functional networks with any number of subscribers. The integration of such a solution in an enterprise simplifies the daily processes of customer service, transactions, and the exchange of information between departments and employees. Unlike traditional stations cloud PBX (VATS) operates via Internet traffic with data transfer over IP protocol. Therefore, the company gets access to stable, high-quality and inexpensive communication. Features and options of interactive communications:

  • combining PBX with the company's CRM system;
  • connection of any number of subscribers;
  • managing incoming and outgoing calls;
  • setting up automatic SMS sending;
  • control of the working time of managers;
  • collection of information for analysis and statistics;
  • organizing a call center, recording calls;
  • use of autodial and feedback forms;
  • receiving reports on conversations of employees;
  • support for mobile and fixed communications;
  • receiving and making calls from any numbers;
  • use of assistant robots;
  • call forwarding to free employees;
  • “binding” customer cards to calls.

If customers call outside business hours, you can turn on the answering machine. With the help of a cloud-based PBX, it is convenient to implement marketing campaigns, set up automatic distribution of advertising information to customers. When connecting IP-telephony, the history of incoming and outgoing calls and full reporting in the user's personal account are saved.

Benefits of IP communications for business

The use of virtual PBX tools simplifies standard company workflows. Managers do not need to repeatedly repeat the routine actions of calling customers thanks to automation. It is much easier to set up a system of statistics and data processing. Organizational leaders can constantly monitor the quality of customer service and monitor the effectiveness of staff. The benefits of a cloud PBX include:

  • instant reception of incoming calls;
  • software compatibility;
  • easy integration with CRM systems;
  • high quality and stability of communication;
  • setting up individual scenarios for receiving calls;
  • free communication within the corporate network;
  • automatic generation of customer cards;
  • high level of information security;
  • multi-channel connection of subscribers;
  • assignment of internal numbers.
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Virtual telephony services cost companies several times cheaper than communications through traditional PBXs. Cloud telephony helps to expand the client network, improve the quality of customer service, optimize business processes and reduce communication costs.

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