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Download Minecraft 2023 for Android: Journey through the waters of the game, visit the Mangrove swamps, create mud bricks and be a spectator inside the game!

What is interesting in Minecraft 2023?

Developers from the Swedish studio Mojang are known for their desire to improve the game about the cubic world. Minecraft 2022 offers all the most interesting features to the players, including the observation mode, Warden, Mangrove swamps and more.


All lovers of beautiful landscapes in Minecraft 2022 should go to the Mangrove swamps. The terrain here is picturesque in itself, and mangrove trees can also be used as building material.

If the user needs to grow such a tree, it is necessary to put the seedling into the water. This possibility appeared in release version of Minecraft 1.19.0.

The ancient city has become part of the Dark Depths biome. For players, chests are hidden here, where valuable items are hidden. You need to look for resources carefully, because in the city you can stumble upon Varden.


The developers have added dirt blocks to the swamps of Minecraft 2022 for more naturalness. When Steve steps on them, the corresponding sounds can be heard.

Mud blocks are not just an addition to the swamp biome, but a functional resource for building. To turn dirt into bricks, you need to dry the material.

If you go to the Dark Depths, you can stumble upon a family of rock blocks: there are as many of them in the Bedrock Edition as in the java version. All such blocks in Minecraft 2022 emit a beautiful light, but are slightly different from each other.


Many players have already managed to learn how to create a goat horn in Minecraft 1.18.32. Since then, a lot has changed in the mountain biomes of the game: interesting details were added to the structures of the mountains, and goats began to come across even with one horn.

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Another useful item in Minecraft 2022 will be a boat with a chest. It’s easy to make this one: you just need to combine these two items. A trolley with a chest was previously created in a similar way.

If earlier it was possible to get such transport only by downloading a special mod, now the boat is available to all players.

The recovery compass is known for its unusual ability to indicate the location of Steve's death. By the way, the compass needle will rotate randomly if the hero died in another dimension.


The most formidable of the mobs in Minecraft 2022 remains Varden. The Watchman keeps players out of the Dark Depths and can also be found in Ancient Cities. You need to try not to anger the creature, as its peak level of anger portends an attack.

Elei is a blue flying creature. It can be tamed by making it your assistant. If you give him an item, he will find similar items in the area.

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