Mountain biking rules

Mountain biking rules

A mountain bike is an indispensable attribute for modern active and extreme recreation, as it is intended for trips along mountain hills and slopes, forest areas and dirt roads and requires special skills.

Mountain Biking: Simple Guidelines for Safe Riding

Before operation, you must familiarize yourself with the following points so that the trip is truly safe and brings a lot of positive emotions:

1. Reduce tire pressure. Tire pressure indicators are a determining factor in the comfort and safety of movement, so it needs to be adjusted based on the type of surface that will be driven on Mountain bikes:

  • on hard - it is important to ensure the maximum recommended pressure in the wheels for a smooth ride;
  • on mountain paths, roots, holes, hills or dirt, the pressure should be the least (about 35-40 psi), which gives good traction and this reduces the likelihood of bouncing in problem areas.

2. Properly distribute your weight when going up and down the mountain. These designs have the disadvantage that they can roll back when climbing a mountain and forward when descending from it, as the front and rear wheels come off the ground due to a shift in the center of gravity. To prevent this you need to:

  • in the first case, lean forward, pushing your nose behind the steering wheel a little, and sit on the edge of the saddle in order to avoid losing grip and driving to the side of the road;
  • in the second case, bending your legs at an angle, stand on the pedals and move your torso back over the edge of the saddle to increase the load on the rear wheel.

3. Move on problematic sections of the road, almost without reducing speed. Maintaining a uniform speed on logs, rocks, stones or roots makes it much easier and with less time to overcome the distance and reduce the likelihood of the bike throwing from side to side than slowing down or simply avoiding such obstacles. In addition, not ignoring, but only passing such obstacles will help improve the skill of "reading" the route, improve your riding skills and bring you closer to the goal of becoming a professional cyclist.

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