Work at a computer and not get sick

Work at a computer and not get sick

It is well known that the computer has a harmful effect on human health. The degree of this impact largely depends on how the workplace is organized. Poor lighting, wrong posture, wrong monitor position - these and many other factors can lead to spinal curvature, blurred vision, nervous tension, headaches, stress and other health problems. So what should be done to reduce the harmful effects of the computer? You need to remember a few simple rules and follow them, it's not that difficult.

When working with a computer, the eyes are the first to suffer. Therefore, pay attention to your monitor and how it is installed. For work, it is recommended to use wide monitors that have high contrast, high-quality color reproduction and a high picture refresh rate. The center of the monitor should be at or slightly below eye level. The distance between the monitor and the eyes should be at least 60cm. It is also necessary to regularly wipe the monitor screen, which also applies to glasses if you work in them.

If possible, you should avoid placing the computer desk directly in front of the window, the light should not fall into your eyes or onto the monitor screen. In this case, blinds and curtains will come to the rescue, or a special visor for the monitor, which will protect you from the glare of light.

After every hour of work, it is better to take a break, as well as gymnastics for the eyes - circular movements, movements from side to side. It will be very useful to take a look at the objects around you, the walls of the office. Unfocus your eyes around, let your eyes rest.

When working at a computer for a long time, many people develop "dry eye syndrome". This is a very common disease. It is due to the fact that when a person looks at the monitor screen for a long time (the focal length does not change), his eyelids blink less often, as a result, the natural process of moisturizing the eyes of the lacrimal fluid, which performs a number of important functions, including nutritional, protective and optical, is disrupted. When it is depleted, the eyes begin to turn red, a burning sensation appears, the eyes begin to water, etc. For the prevention and treatment of this disease, people who stay at the computer for a long time are recommended to use moisturizers for the eyes - in the form of eye drops and gels. For example, such as drops "Sistane", gel "Vidisik". Ophthalmologists also advise taking specialized vitamins for the eyes, which include lutein - this is a very important, integral element of the eye.

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The health of the spine depends on how correctly you sit, and the quality of work of almost the entire body depends on the health of the spine. Therefore, get a comfortable chair, the seat of which has a slight forward tilt and is slightly raised. This will improve the circulation of the pelvic organs. Some, rare, manufacturers offer very exotic and at the same time ergonomic solutions for organizing the workplace.

The seat should not be soft. To avoid tired hands, use a keyboard with a special wrist rest. Have you ever experienced a sensation while using a mouse when your right hand is numb, tingling or sore? This is a symptom of a very common disease among computer scientists - carpal tunnel syndrome. To get rid of it, and better - to prevent its occurrence, do gymnastics for the hands more often. Now there are many wonderful hand trainers that will help you with this.

The noise emitted by the computer during operation has a negative impact on the well-being of a person, especially for older models. In this regard, it is necessary to place the system unit in a computer desk drawer and close the door, while maintaining sufficient ventilation of the system unit.

The quality of the air you breathe while you work affects your condition. Do not forget to regularly ventilate the room.

Doctors advise every hour to rest for 10-15 minutes. At this time, do not sit at the computer, but do some exercises, including for the eyes, take a walk. In addition, it is recommended to use special drinks even for practically healthy people when working no more than 8 hours a day. To maintain vision, you can also purchase glasses with special coatings, which significantly reduce eye fatigue.

Of course, it is very difficult to completely avoid the harmful effects of a computer. But if you treat your health carefully, then many problems can be prevented.

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