Keyboard and Mouse Selection Guide

Keyboard and Mouse Selection Guide

Input devices such as the mouse and keyboard are an important link between you and your computer. Actually, all control, all commands on the PC are transmitted through these fairly simple devices.

Despite their apparent simplicity, the convenience of interacting with a PC depends on them. So, for a comfortable and productive work or game at the computer, it is better to use the input devices that are suitable for your needs. Actually, we’ll talk about this - about what to look for when choosing these cute little animals.

The first thing you should decide is do you need a wired or wireless keyboard/mouse?

With the mouse, as a rule, it is easier to decide. Mouse manipulations happen almost all the time. It constantly moves from side to side, up and down. Also, its place on the table can change - from the edge of the table to the center, etc. Those. It turns out that the use of a wireless mouse is more than justified. The wireless mouse will make the movements free.

As for the keyboard, here you also need to understand how you mainly use it. Does your keyboard move around on your desktop? If its position is generally static, you can choose both a wired and a wireless device, decide according to your financial capabilities.

If the panel with the keyboard is moving, for example, if you are going to control the playback of playlists on your PC from the sofa or bed, or play computer games in front of the LCD panel or watch movies from the PC, then it is better to immediately focus on the wireless device.

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When choosing a wireless solution, you should pay attention to the signal transmission range, as well as the quality of the batteries or accumulators used. Among the wired devices, very interesting models are the G9 Laser mouse and the G15 keyboard. Among the wireless ones is the elegant diNovo Edge keyboard.

When choosing a wireless mouse, you should also decide on the type of its power supply, i.e. whether it be a battery or a battery. The battery is convenient in that it is rechargeable and thus you do not need to spend extra money on batteries when they are discharged. At the same time, one should not forget to put them on recharging, in successful models this is a charging glass. Leaving the mouse on the table after a day's work, and not in the charger, you run the risk of being left without your faithful assistant for a while.

Battery-powered manipulators are much easier to handle in this respect. You don't need to waste your attention on them. I put a new set of batteries and everything, 6-8 months of work is guaranteed. After this period, you just need to replace the batteries.

What additional functional controls are needed on the keyboard?

Almost all modern devices are produced with a set of additional functions. Such as - quick launch buttons for programs, media player control, sound volume control, programmable buttons, usb ports, key backlight, etc. Depending on the combination of these solutions, keyboards and mice are divided into media and gaming.

An example of a gaming keyboards, where there are programmable keys - Razer Tarantula or Razer Lycosa. An example of a multimedia keyboard from Microsoft is the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000.

Do you need a regular mouse or a gaming mouse?

A distinctive feature of game pads is high accuracy of movements (2000dpi and more), additional programmable buttons for quick execution of given combinations, programmable settings of the mouse itself, including the ability to set its resolution.

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An example of a gaming mouse is the SideWinder™.

If you're an avid gamer and you care about speed and precision, a gaming mouse is the way to go. Otherwise, you will be fine with a regular mouse, with a lower dpi value and, accordingly, a lower cost.

Device shape, standard or innovative?

By and large, it is a matter of taste and habits. If you use the usual, standard keyboard and an ordinary mouse, switching to something else will cause discomfort and inconvenience at first. Therefore, more often people make a choice in the direction of the form with which they previously worked and which suited them.

Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to alternative models, especially those positioned as ergonomic. As a rule, such models look very extraordinary, convex, curved - nevertheless, it takes only a little work on them and get used to how they will become your most convenient assistants.

Examples of ergonomic models, with palm rest, wavy key design, etc. can serve: Cordless Desktop® Wave, Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000.

Choosing the right keyboard and mouse set is a matter of personal preference and opportunity. In any case, before making a final choice, be sure to try the model you like in action. If possible, take the mouse in your hand, whether it is comfortable in your hand, not heavy. Are the buttons on the keyboard well pressed, are the characters conveniently grouped on it, etc. So that it is not written on the packaging, what good reviews did not sound in her address - the main thing is that you yourself like them and are easy to use.

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