How to make a USB backlight on a laptop

Everyone who works at a computer at night has a keyboard backlight problem. If you are tired of lamps, which not only often glare in all directions, but also very often add unnecessary light that interferes with others, then USB backlight is just for you. It will require from you about 30 minutes of free time and a minimum of costs. All the necessary components, if you dig around, can be found in any home.

You will need:

- USB plug from any charger with a wire margin of at least 30 cm;

- A spring removed from the stuffing box of a household washing machine;

- The body of the device itself, through which the wire will pass. It should be like a corrugation of small diameter, but have a certain rigidity in order to correctly orient the flashlight to the keyboard;

- 1 or 2 LEDs. They should be connected through quenching resistors;

Divergent lens or glass to evenly illuminate all keyboards.

Assembling is clear. In the photo you can clearly see how it looks.

Such a gadget is a great alternative to all lamps, and, very importantly, it is easy to manufacture. Dare!

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