Steam wax melter: we deal with the features

Wax is considered a sought-after product. Today it is used in various fields. For example, not only in cosmetology, but also in the manufacture of various medicines. Therefore, it is beneficial for the beekeeper to collect it. This product can be exchanged for ready-made honeycombs. And if the beekeeper has a steam wax melter, everything will be much easier. This will help to quickly and efficiently process the collected wax.

Steam wax melter: principle of operation

To pick up wax from the honeycombs, the beekeeper will need special equipment. Today it can be bought ready-made. We are talking about a wax melter, which is offered by manufacturers of different designs. But the most sought after is steam wax melter, differing, as experts note, in the simplest design. There are a few things to note about how it works. And immediately everything will become clear.

  1. A modern steam wax melter has three special containers.
  2. Water is poured into one container and heated to a boil.
  3. Steam through the pipe enters another container, where the wax raw material is located.
  4. The wax melts under the action of temperature and flows in liquid form into a third container.

But for the complete processing of wax, you will also need a special press. It will be needed when you have to work with old cells that have been used for more than one year. Then, with the help of both good heating and a press, it will be possible to pick up all the wax from them. You can take it from the last container after it has cooled down.

Varieties of steam wax melter

It should be noted that the second container in this design is frame, which is very convenient. As a result, the wax does not have to be cut off the frames first to process it. And that makes the whole process much easier. It is enough to put inside the frame with honeycomb.

But there is a second point to be taken into account. The thing is that manufacturers offer 2 types of steam wax melters. She is forceful and non-pressure. The second option and the principle of operation has already been described above. But the pressure model looks more attractive. Already from the name you can understand that it will be possible to do without a press here, it will not be needed here. Rather, it is present here, but in the structure itself, and not as a separate element.

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What are the benefits?

Wax steaming is not a new technique at all. It has been used before. It’s just that now a ready-made design is offered, and not improvised devices. An aluminum wax melter is especially advantageous because it is easy to work with. It is not only lightweight, but also practically does not corrode.

It is worth highlighting several important advantages of a steam wax melter. For example, it is considered an advantage that more wax can be obtained with a pressure steam wax melter. It is necessary to highlight the following points:

  • popular way to get wax;
  • a product of good quality is obtained;
  • practically no contact with water;
  • the workspace is not heavily polluted;
  • frames are disinfected.

But you need to remember about energy costs. They will definitely be needed to extract wax in this way. Especially if electricity is used.

The site beekeeping shop ParkPlus you can choose a steam wax melter. There is a choice that simplifies the buying process. The prices here are the most reasonable. Such models of wax melters make it possible to quickly process foundation into wax.

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