Official cryptocurrency exchanges

Official cryptocurrency exchanges

Not everyone knows this, but in Ukraine since September 2021 legalization law cryptocurrencies. Now traders, cryptocurrency holders and investors are protected by the state like never before. But does the provisions of this legal document apply to cryptocurrency exchanges? 

Let's try to understand this issue so that the reader can understand which sites of this type can be trusted when concluding transactions on the purchase and sale of blockchain money in Ukraine.

Are there legal exchangers in Ukraine?

Current legislation has not yet settled the issue of taxation and legalization of cryptocurrency exchangers. This type of digital money trading site is still tax-free, so the notion of "Official Exchange" is nothing more than a marketing fiction. But some of the sites use it to justify their reliability.

On the other hand, why not call official exchangers those that have been on the market for a long time and have proven their reliability and safety through the history of their activities? In fact, these sites will be among the first legalized, when such an opportunity arises. They have nothing to hide and nothing to hide.

TOP 5 reliable crypto exchangers

Further, I would like to discuss those exchangers that can be safely called reliable and conditionally official on the territory of Ukraine. Considering their reputation, overwhelmingly positive reviews from regular users, and smooth operation over the past few years, these can be called:

  • changeit;
  • paxful;
  • Coin24;
  • buy bank;
  • Bitcoin24.

Let's go over each of them in a little more detail.


Project called changeit is an online exchanger created by a team from Ukraine and for Ukrainians. The site was launched and initially specialized for the residents of our country. In this regard, everything possible was done so that most of the world's top cryptocurrencies could be bought or sold for the hryvnia on the site. Pairs are now available on Changeit with:

  • bitcoin;
  • litecoin;
  • ethereum;
  • USDT;
  • dogecoin;
  • dashcoin.
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Support for all types of bank cards and popular payment systems in Ukraine allows the service to:

  • keep a profitable hryvnia exchange rate;
  • guarantee low commissions without hidden conditions;
  • eliminate any risks that are inherent in purchases through foreign services.

Changeit can be safely considered one of the best options for those who seek to transfer part of their savings into cryptocurrency, or cash out digital money into fiat to pay for the necessary goods / services in real life.


Paxful is one of the recognized leaders in P2P (user to user) trading. The platform with the main office in the USA specializes in intermediary functions in the field of trading. Everything works like this:

  • the buyer or seller publishes their proposal for the transaction;
  • the second party finds an offer and accepts the terms;
  • then the exchange procedure itself takes place, with an emphasis on guarantees and security from Paxful.

Buyers pay no commission. Sellers are charged 1% of the transaction amount. All user data is encrypted, and assets are protected both programmatically and legally. Many users trust the official project from the USA, but its use requires knowledge and skills in order not to accidentally make a mistake and not lose money through your own stupidity.


The Coin24 service is another domestic exchanger that focuses on buying and selling cryptocurrencies in hryvnia. For transactions on the site, both top cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, Doges) and the most popular stablecoins (USDT, USDC) are available. There are also many other assets. You can buy digital money on Coin24 for:

  • hryvnia on the Monobank card;
  • hryvnia on the PrivatBank card;
  • through other state Visa / MasterCard - on less favorable terms.

Payment systems, unfortunately, are not supported. The service operates 24/7 and requires a mandatory registration procedure. It can be completed in a couple of clicks through automatic authorization through a Google account.

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buy bank

The Buybank service is an online site that is extremely bold to call itself the “First official in Ukraine”. The project focuses on:

  • exchange of cryptocurrency for hryvnia and dollars;
  • exchange of hryvnia and dollars for cryptocurrency.

Despite the manipulation of the official status, the service has been operating for a long time and is considered reliable. Suitable for those who are interested in the exchange in pairs with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and USDT. A distinctive feature is the absence of the need to create an account for the exchange.


The Bitcoin24 service, as the name implies, is a very narrowly focused exchanger that covers the requests of Ukrainian users who are exclusively interested in bitcoin. On his website you can:

  1. Exchange hryvnia for bitcoin.
  2. Exchange bitcoin for hryvnia.

That's all, no frills - everything is minimalistic. On the other hand, everything is clear and easy to learn. The chances of an erroneous trade for a beginner are minimal.


Now in Ukraine there are dozens of different exchangers, but choosing something wrong, without checks and recommendations, it is easy to run into a scam. Always check the services and their reputation, no matter how reliable the site and its description may seem. The exchangers mentioned above can be trusted at least by the fact of their stable and trouble-free operation over the past few years. 

In the future, when they receive official status, it will be even easier with trust. In the meantime, reputation is the main factor in choosing a particular site.

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