WTA betting: promising tennis players from junior starts

WTA betting: promising tennis players from junior starts

Most often, when betting on the WTA, bettors pay attention to athletes from the TOP-100. Fights with their participation are always presented in the line of bookmakers, including BC Marathonbet. Users can track changes in quotes using a special application. How to download from Marathonbet apk, is described on the RB website. 

Bookmakers' odds for matches involving well-known tennis players are usually lower than expected. Therefore, experts recommend paying attention to promising young people who make their way in not the most prestigious tournaments. 

Next, consider the rating of young talented tennis players who feel confident in junior competitions.  

Czech Republic Lucy Gavlichkova became the winner of the youth Roland Garros and rose significantly in the junior rankings. The athlete feels especially good in clay tournaments. Experts expect her to make a breakthrough in the coming competitions already at an adult level.

Representative of Croatia Petra Marchinko won the junior Australian Open in 2022. The athlete is actively trying her hand at adult tournaments. He is ranked 301st in the WTA rankings.

Czech tennis player Brenda Frukhvirtova confidently rises in the junior rankings. She has not yet won tournaments, but she successfully performs at the adult level. In the first six months of 2022, Brenda has played 22 matches and won 17. 

Italian Elisabetta Coccaretto restarts his professional career. Since March 2022, the tennis player has been playing on her own clay. Of the 30 fights held, 24 times she came out the winner. From not the most rated starts, the athlete moved to more prestigious tournaments and was noted in the WTA-125 final. Elisabetta has already entered the TOP-100. 

Russian woman Mirra Andreeva won two senior ITF tournament titles in Antalya. At the age of 15, an athlete from Krasnoyarsk, who occupies the 612th line in the WTA ranking, beat her opponent from the 326th position. 

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17 year old Argentinian Solana Sierra also demonstrates readiness for successful performances at the adult level. This year, she managed to play 25 matches, of which 17 were victorious for her. All fights took place on clay. The athlete even managed to get to the finals of the youthful Roland Garros. In addition, Solana surprised with her performance in the Billie Jean King Cup team. She won four matches out of four, and in two fights - in the status of an underdog.

Diana Schneider dreams of getting into the TOP-200 and clearly underestimates himself. In 2022, she won 23 out of 28 matches, claiming three ITF titles. Last year, the Russian woman beat Kamilla Rakhimova in the Kremlin Cup qualification. 

The list presented is the top of expectations and not the fact that all athletes will succeed. However, if we take into account the gaming potential, then each of them has the prerequisites for a breakthrough. Therefore, betters should take a closer look at young tennis players.

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