The main differences between a dedicated and cloud server

The main differences between a dedicated and cloud server

Today, many companies use VPS, VDS or a cloud server to solve many problems of storing digital data, creating websites and convenient communication. Renting them is much more convenient than buying and maintaining your own hardware. Choosing the right option depends on your goals. 

Cloud servers

Every day cloud servers are becoming more and more popular. Providers offer optimal solutions for businesses that allow you to work remotely and at the same time guarantee the security of all data and software. 

Today, renting a cloud server involves full administration. The provider is responsible for the availability of all the necessary software, setting up all the tools that are necessary for the operation of the company's websites, databases and e-mail. Modern cloud technologies also make it possible to develop and maintain mobile applications. At the same time, the tenant can change the capacity and volume of the platform depending on the current tasks and the flow of visitors. 

Scaling options are also available to those who use dedicated physical servers in their work. 

Dedicated servers

This is a separate physical machine that is wholly owned by one user. Despite the attractiveness of cloud infrastructure, in some cases, the best solution will be exactly lease of dedicated servers. First of all, this applies to large digital projects, for the successful implementation of which the following conditions are necessary: 

  • physical isolation. The power of iron will not need to be shared with anyone; 
  • equipment management. The provider gives the right to access the BIOS and IPMI, which allows you to configure the server at the OS and hardware levels; 
  • operational problem solving. The provider’s specialists respond to a ticket within 15 minutes and over the phone in one minute, fixing errors around the clock; 
  • individual configuration. Standard options are launched by specialists in an hour, they assemble servers according to individual technical specifications from 7 days.   

High-quality services for renting and supporting cloud and dedicated servers are offered by a hosting company Timeweb Cloud. Extensive experience in the market, the use of modern data centers and the professionalism of employees allow us to implement projects of any complexity. Cooperation with this provider will be convenient for both small startups planning to scale and large corporations that need reliable, fast and secure platforms.

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