What do wild and scatter symbols mean in online slots

Slots can have many bonus symbols that work on their own or trigger various features. Almost every machine has 2 types of special symbols, for example, Wild and Scatter. Their functions are important to know because you will come across them very often.

But first you should try the game for free without registration in demo mode. In this mode, you can only play with virtual coins that have no real monetary value. Thus, a beginner will be able to get acquainted with the rules of the game and all the functions that are available on a particular slot machine of the site. https://pin-up.ua/ru/slots. It is easy to use the demo mode at Pin Up Casino, a licensed Ukrainian platform. A preliminary acquaintance with the gameplay will help you better navigate the interface and catch your luck.

Important symbols in online slots

What does the Wild symbol do?

The most common special symbol on slot machines is Wild (Wild, Wild symbol, Wild). It has only one function - to replace any character on the line of drop-down pictures. As a result, wild symbols increase the chances of winning. Thanks to them, you can get much more combinations in one spin. The wild symbol works like a joker in card games.

This is the general specification of the Wild, but from time to time it is enhanced with various features, such as a win multiplier. The most common types of Wild Symbols are:

  • Expanding Wild. As soon as it reaches the playing surface, it spreads along the entire length of the reel. Provides winnings from other paylines of the machine.
  • sticky wild. Remains "frozen" on the playing surface even during the next spin, until the win comes.
  • Walking wild. It works like this: as soon as it appears on the playing field, the player can spin the reels again, and the Wild symbol will move one position further on the playing field (usually from right to left). Thus, he constantly "passes" until he wins or falls off the playing field.
  • Explosive Wild symbol. As soon as it lands and the game evaluates all winning combinations, it explodes and replenishes the rest of the symbols with a respin (new spin).
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Wild symbols in online slots are very easy to understand and the goal should be to use them as often as possible. The only symbol that does not replace Wild is the scatter symbol.

What does the scatter symbol do

An approximate translation of the word scatter is scatter. It is the only symbol that does not have to be on the same line of drop-down characters. The scatter can be anywhere on the playing field. Winning from Scatter can come after a single symbol appears. But more often than not, at least 3 symbols must fall out in slots in an online casino. Slot machines that have a Scatter symbol are also called Scatter Slots.

If Scatters (one or three) do land, a special feature of the machine is triggered. Usually, a gambler receives free spins, where there is a chance to multiply the winnings. The scatter symbols can also trigger a special game that awards jackpots.

It is thanks to the Scatter symbols that the highest winnings and progressive jackpots are played in Pinup Casino. The exact feature of the bonus round can always be found in the description of each slot.

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