League of Legends World Championship: Essence, Format, Expert Predictions

League of Legends World Championship: Essence, Format, Expert Predictions

One of the most significant and prestigious eSports events of the year takes place from October 5 to November 6. Next, we will take a closer look at the features of the tournament and find out who has the most chances to win the Summoner's Cup.  

The League of Legends tournament has been held annually by Riot Games since 2011. The strongest teams from different parts of the world take part in the competition. 

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The League of Legends World Championship is the most important tournament in the long calendar of events of this esports discipline. According to its results, under the eyes of a multi-million audience, the best team is awarded the "Summoner's Cup". 

Teams from different regions take part in the fight for the title: the North American LCS league, the European LEC league, the Chinese LPL league and the Korean LCK. The prize pool is over $2 million. It grows as virtual items are sold on the site. As a reward, the winning team can additionally work with Riot Games to develop their own champion skin that will be added to the game. 

This year the League of Legends championship takes place in Reykjavik in Iceland. Previously, the World Championship was planned to be held in China. Different cities were supposed to host participants at different stages of the tournament. But due to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, it was decided to change the location of the event.

Usually, 24 teams take part in the competition, which have become the best in the qualifying rounds in their regions. The strongest get to the Worlds group stage. The rest of the participants get their pass to the championship in the preliminary stages.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, two teams were unable to participate in the tournament, so the number of contenders for the main prize this season has been reduced from 24 to 22. 

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The preliminary stage was held in the Bo1 format - a round robin system up to one victory. The participants were divided into two groups of five teams. The first place winners advanced to the group stage. The teams that ended up in last place in the group left the championship. 

Teams from third and fourth places will play each other in the Bo5 format - up to three wins. The determined winner will face off against the participant who took the second place in the opposite group. The format is the same - up to three wins. The losers end their performances and leave the tournament.

The 2021 cup winner is DWG KIA. As is typical for all champions, this is a team that dominates in its skill over rivals, with the best win-loss record. Last year, DWK lost only three times, and in the final of the championship they confidently defeated Suning Gaming 3:1. 

No less competitive, experts believe, is the Chinese team EDward Gaming. The obvious outsider is the double champion of past years (2015, 2016) - the T1 team, which includes the current legend - cybersportsman Lee Sang Hyuk. It is possible that they can win the victory as an underdog.

To determine the winner and successfully place a bet, you need to gather various information about the methods of placing bets. Bookmakers offer several options for LoL markets at once. One of the most popular is the money line market - a bet in a single match on the winner. A more risky outright market is betting on the team or region that wins the LoL 2022 World Championship. And in Live mode, fans can bet without delving into the topic too much, but simply determining the first destruction of the tower, the first kill of the champion, dragon, baron etc. 

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