Apple appliance repair - the nuances you need to know

Apple appliance repair - the nuances you need to know

Apple has always paid a lot of attention to the reliability of its technology. The iPhone is a prime example. Every year the manufacturer tries to use more and more durable glasses in new models, increases moisture protection, etc. However, even the most durable and reliable equipment is not protected from breakdowns. 

As a rule, the owners of this equipment are to blame for the malfunctions. Due to inaccurate handling, the case is damaged, glass is broken, and water or other liquids get inside. Repairing Apple appliances requires a special approach. Unfortunately, the devices have not been distinguished by high maintainability before, and now with each new model it is only decreasing. 

In other words, it is becoming more and more difficult to repair “apple” equipment. It is impossible to do this qualitatively without professional equipment, skills and qualifications. For example, on new iPhone models, the display frames have become very narrow, and the matrix itself is thin and fragile. As a result, such a procedure as glass plywood has become a much more difficult task.

Where to order Apple equipment repair

It would seem that if the Apple device is still under warranty, there can be no questions - you need to contact the official Apple service, where it will be repaired for free. However, in practice, everything is somewhat more complicated. As we said above, most breakdowns occur due to the fault of users. This means that they are not covered under warranty. Should I order a paid repair? Everyone should decide for himself, however, it should be borne in mind that the service will be expensive and long.

Is it possible to entrust the repair to an unofficial SC? If you choose wisely, this will be the best solution. You need to pay attention to the following points:

  • how long the SC has been on the market;
  • how good a reputation it has (user reviews serve as an indicator);
  • how big is the SC;
  • what service conditions does it offer (cost, speed, warranty, etc.).
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If we are talking about a dubious basement workshop where Apple repairs are done, which is called “on the knee”, then you risk even more problems with your device. But if you find a large, professional Apple service, then you will surely save your time and money.

That's the kind of savings you'll get iFix SC in Kyiv. On average, repairs here are carried out no longer than 15-20 minutes thanks to the vast experience, equipment and our own spare parts warehouse. It comes with a great warranty on labor and parts. Prices are more than reasonable, in addition, you can save on some types of repairs by choosing high-quality and proven replicas offered by iFix instead of original parts.

Benefits of Apple iFix

Finally, here are a few advantages of the company:

  • more than ten SCs work seven days a week near metro stations in different districts of the capital;
  • the ability to order the “urgent repair” service, which will be performed for you;
  • the possibility of the most complex types of repair of any devices and models of Apple technology.

You can order repairs and get acquainted with the prices on the company's website.

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