World Cup 2022: non-obvious favorites and bets on them

Experts have identified teams that can surprise at the World Cup in Qatar. Let's consider them in more detail and analyze what you need to bet on.

From November 20 to December 18, 2022, Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup. 32 teams will take part in the tournament. The prize fund of the competition will be $700 million. The figure is 80% more compared to the 2014 World Cup.

Each team receives $2 million to prepare for the tournament. Teams receive $10 million each for participation in the group stage. Each next stage brings more money. The winner receives $50 million.

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In addition to the fixed amount of the prize, the champion can additionally count on the funds that FIFA pays to the national teams for the participation of each player. In total, the amount of payment for the participation of players in the tournament is $209 million. The organization makes insurance payments for another $134 million. According to preliminary estimates, the football federation itself will earn $5-6 billion.

Betters can also earn in the championship. In this they will be helped by bets on teams that are not considered favorites, which means that the odds of bookmakers on them are too high.

Uruguay national team

Wards Diego Alonso were in the same group with the representatives of Portugal, Ghana and South Korea. Although the Uruguayans failed the qualification, the group they came across was not the most difficult, and therefore they can at least qualify for a way out of it.

The turning point was the resignation of former coach Oscar Tabares after four consecutive defeats of the national team. After the 47-year-old Alonso was at the helm, the team changed several game schemes and overcame the crisis. The game of the Uruguayans became more coordinated, the team strengthened the defense. The players that make up the attacking potential are in excellent shape.  

At the last World Cup, the national team reached the quarterfinals. Therefore, first of all, you should count on the victory of the Uruguayans in the group. Also today it really looks like their exit to the quarterfinals.

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Serbia national team 

The Serbs ended up in the quartet, where the clear favorite is determined. If the teams of Cameroon and Switzerland do not pose a danger, then the Brazilian national team is the main competitor of Dragan Stojkovic's wards. In qualifying, the Serbs became the leader of their group, without losing a single time. The main hopes rest on the players who have reached the peak of form - Dusan Vlahovic and Aleksandar Mitrovic. 

At the last World Cup, the Serbs did not qualify from the group. This time it will not be difficult for them to overcome the group stage. The duet of Vlahovic and Mitrovic leaves no chance for the rivals. Luka Jovic will also help to strengthen the attack. Able to add creativity on the attacking line and Nemanja Radonjic, a Serie A player. Therefore, it looks quite realistic to bet on a total of more than 3,5 goals scored in the group. 

A riskier option is for the White Eagles to reach the quarterfinals.

USA team 

The Americans ended up in a quartet with teams from England, Wales and Iran. Players in the US team have an advantage over the Welsh and Iranians, but are inferior in class and experience to the British.

Football players with experience of playing in the top European championships will go to Qatar as part of the national team. Despite the failures in qualifying, the team is young, creative, able to create a sensation.

The most likely outcome for the US team is second place in the group. Less chance of the team to become the winner of the group. According to experts, once in the playoffs, the Yankees are able to overcome the 1/8 finals. 

Mexico national team 

Team Gerardo Martino in the group stage will play with the national teams of Argentina, Poland and Saudi Arabia. The team from Argentina is the favorite of the group. As an outsider, experts consider the national team of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the struggle for second place will break out between the teams of Mexico and Poland. According to experts, the advantage is with the “tricolor”. 

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At the last World Cup, the Mexicans reached the 1/8 finals, beating the teams of Germany and South Korea. The Brazilians forced the team to retire.

In qualifying for the World Cup, Gerardo Martino's wards finished second. There are enough experienced players in the team, on whom their mentor makes the main bet. The Mexicans know how to get results, play at high speeds and defend well.  

The Mexican national team in the last seven World Cups overcame the group stage. Experts believe that the team can repeat the success this time as well. She has a high chance of finishing second in the group stage. It is also considered real that the Mexican team will overcome the 1/8 finals.  

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