Irritability iPhone XS Max, like a warto nobility

It’s more and more important for virobniks to provoke a stir at the start of the sale, but Apple is radically different from the middle. Your leather shops pick up kilometers of buyers, so you want to get a new product with a well-recognized logo at the looking apple on the back panel.

iPhone XS Max hits the mobile device market at the same time as the iPhone X. New feature ー 6,5-inch display. The first Apple smartphone with such a diagonal. As far as the 8 Plus model was concerned, then don’t remember the great difference. It will be so easy for you to copy the Max version. Deyakі vvazhayut the diagonal of the iPhone Xs Max short and worry that you can't make it with one hand. If you love compact gadgets and an important body size, choose the XS instead. The wine is smaller overall and fits in the valley.

Okremoї respect meritorious matrix tsієї model. Yaskraviy Retina - display, with a wide range of buildings 1792 × 898 fit to the soul of professional photography and detailing, because the human eye cannot see the okremі pіkselі, scho to rob the image more akіnіshim, porіvnyаz Xr. This smartphone supports HDR - photo. Tse mozhlivіst robiti znіmki in yaskrava drowsy weather and at night.

The LCD in this smartphone is supported by True Tone technology, which automatically regulates the temperature of the image, adjusts the lighting. This process is considered for the measurement of the six-channel light sensor, which reads the sound of light.

In the Apple service center, most of the time they go to hell on their own replace glass in iPhone XS Max. Tsya spare parts for krykhka and will require a double delivery. Even more, you can always carry your phone with you and the close module is in contact with the most important items in your bag. Therefore, a broken display is not common among users. The part in the assembly is folded from three parts, as if mіtsno z'ednani mіzh itself, establishing a single whole: touchscreen, slope, matrix.

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Only in specialized service center You can say that I myself suffered from a complete set. Meister will sort out the device, repair the spare part from the main outbuilding and, for the help of a special tester, check the correctness. Repair of a single detail is a foldable algorithm, which is folded out of decal krokiv. 

I will carry out diagnostics on the spot for the presence of other faults, then we will discuss the price. You will be requested to choose the original or the exact copy. And only then will the replacement begin. Aja povinnі razumiti, how will repair be done, what kind of work will be done and how much time will be borrowed. Also, you will be given a guarantee on the service for up to 90 days.

If necessary iPhone repair, Kiev You can get rich with services. And before visiting the SC, go to the company's website and leave your contacts for a return call. A service manager will contact you and advise you on whether or not your food.

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