How to choose an effective blender

How to choose an effective blender

Before buying, you need to pay attention to the main factors: power and add-ons. Consider brands you trust, but don't forget to read about the main features. Sometimes firms are known for several types of equipment, and their other devices are inferior in performance. Consider what is important for choosing a blender.

How to choose an effective blender


This criterion determines which products can and cannot be ground. To cook simple meals, puree soups, smoothies, process cheeses, nuts and grind coffee, 500-600 watts are enough. Improved models cope with more solid content - this kitchen blenders from 1000 W. 500 watts is enough to prepare baby food. With such a device, mashed potatoes are prepared and the mass is whipped.

Device functionality

Devices are sold with accessories. They make it possible to use them for more processes in cooking. In sets with a submersible "leg" with a chopping knife, you can go:

  • whisk;
  • large and small bowl;
  • nozzles for shredding, rubbing and cutting;
  • additions for dough and puree;
  • beaker.

Modern models are equipped with a separate chopper. This is a bowl into which a special knife is inserted. When you press the blender head, the operation of the device starts. If you use this mode, then the mass turns out to be a slightly different consistency than with a submersible “leg”. It contains very small pieces of food, which makes it possible to feel the textures. The bowl is larger in volume and you can load more ingredients. Suitable for grinding onions for minced meat and even for milk shakes.

Add-ons for the device

You can expand the functionality using separate modes. They provide new opportunities, aimed at simplifying and comfortable work. A few popular ones:

  • Pulse. In a short period of time, thoroughly interrupts the most solid food.
  • High-speed. It can be used to make sure at the end of cooking that there are no small pieces left that make the consistency uneven. Also suitable for quick mashing of soft textures.
  • Kolka. A special ice knife crushes ice for cocktails. The device for this function must meet the specification of more than 400 watts.
  • Without wires. Designed for submersibles with a maximum power of 300 watts. It is convenient to use it in cases where the sockets are located inconveniently or there are too many wires in the kitchen.
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Manufacturers are coming up with more and more new features and details that make the process easier. Analyze what is important to you in the device. Based on this, read product descriptions and choose important improvements.


The device reduces the risk of cuts, which are high with manual cutting. You can buy covers and boxes for storing knives and nozzles. Otherwise, it is important to keep the equipment out of the reach of children and carefully read the instructions for use.

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