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Philological specialties have always been in demand in any region. Linguistics and philology is a good preparation, especially for young professionals. It is quite enough to get a job. In addition, it is quite a popular and prestigious specialty. Thus, you can safely study linguistic universities in Poland and make the right choice for you. And we will help you with this.

The popularity of studying philology at WSB University

The study of philology, in this case English, today is not just prestigious, but rather necessary for many people. It is difficult to find a branch of activity in which a good knowledge of the English language would not be appreciated. Choosing to study at the Faculty of Philology of the WSB, you get a number of advantages:

  1. Business language. By studying the course, you work out the communication of a specific lexicon that is used in a particular environment.
  2. Ability to learn multiple languages. This way you can master the most popular languages ​​in the world.
  3. Deep knowledge in the field of culture and literature. It is important to understand that the study of philology is not only about the language factor.
  4. Extra education. You may well continue your studies at any other faculty of the II degree.
  5. Ability to translate from Polish into English and vice versa. Agree, a good bonus.
  6. Probability of communication in a business environment.

The study of linguistics is a consistently high quality of education and the demand for graduates in the labor market, recognized international authority and great academic ties.

Do not forget that the WSB University has 130 faculties, whose students are among the best in terms of professional qualities. Today it's easy to get through study at the University of Logistics in Poznańget a good qualification and be in demand in the labor market.

Logistics training at WSB universities

Today logistics is considered not just in a narrow concept that is associated with a vehicle. This is a complex of complex measures, the main task of which is to improve the functioning of manufacturing enterprises. And the factor of competition, which is constantly growing, is pushing companies to increase their efficiency by introducing other concepts.

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Having gained knowledge by studying logistics at the Faculty of WSB, you can easily work in companies in the TFL sector of domestic and international importance. By choosing our university, you have the opportunity to study specific specialized programs that are necessary in the future, take courses and practices that are recognized in the market, and receive an international certificate.

WSB University is the university of tomorrow. It opens the future in the combination of new multimedia technologies, computer programs and quality education. You get modern service and professional support from teachers, because all educational and scientific laboratories are equipped with modern equipment of the highest quality.

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