The principle of operation and types of fungicidal preparations

The principle of operation and types of fungicidal preparations

It's a shame when succulent, beautiful plants die due to damage by late blight, Bordeaux liquid, powdery mildew or sulfur. Gardeners have been coming up with and using various ways to combat fungal diseases for many years. Fungicides are the best way to cope with this function - compounds that effectively protect the plant from parasites.

What problems do fungicides eliminate: the principle of operation

Optimal plant growth, normal conditions for the proper development and maturation of the fruit can be ensured through treatment with special formulations. It is necessary to ensure that all green spaces in the garden are disinfected, do not suffer from fungal and bacterial infections. To save money, you can buy fungicides in bulk.

It is better to choose a composition that has both a disinfecting and protective effect. You can choose drugs with insecticidal action that repel insects.

It is possible to process agricultural crops for preventive or therapeutic purposes. Preventive treatment will save not yet infected crops. Therapeutic spraying will help get rid of the manifestations of the symptoms of infection and from the pathogen itself.

The fungicide affects the plant in one of the following ways:

  • violation of biochemical processes at the cellular level;
  • blocking enzyme reactions.

The drug inhibits the production of chitin, delays the synthesis of fats, nucleic acids, proteins. Fungicides destroy pathogenic microorganisms, stop the process of their spread.

What are fungicides for plants

You can buy in the "Grintoro" store any type of composition for the protection and treatment of plants from fungal diseases, including Phoenix Duo. Experienced gardeners and gardeners are advised to buy biofungicides. They differ in efficiency and low toxicity.

Depending on the nature of use, drugs can be:

  • for seed processing;
  • for soil disinfection;
  • for processing green crops;
  • to protect the perennial crop in winter.

Depending on the composition fungicidal preparations may be organic or inorganic. Organic compounds are quickly washed out of the soil, they can be combined with other drugs. Inorganic compounds are more stable due to the presence of metal salts, manganese, etc. in their composition. They remain in the soil for a long time, are not combined with other drugs.

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