The 8 Best Horror Games on PC

Many gamers like to experience a sense of fear while playing various horror games. Every year the variety of games is constantly increasing. Below will be described 8 games in the horror genre.

Fobia-St. Dinfna Hotel

Horror from the first person. The player will play as a young journalist, Roberto, who has arrived at an abandoned hotel. People disappear in this place and it is necessary to find evidence and solve the mystery. In the hero's arsenal, there is only a video camera, which, however, has magical powers - it can look into the past and the future.

The Quarries

The Quarry is a new interactive movie game from the creators of Untill Dawn. The atmosphere of the game design is similar to the old horror movies of the 80s. The plot is also suitable - a group of school counselors are stuck in a camp in the forest and an unknown monster is hunting for them.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong

Detective-role-playing horror. The player will again touch the "universe" of the vampire masquerade. The monsters themselves live in the same world with people and honor traditions, no one should know about them. However, the power struggle escalates and shocking crimes occur. You must choose one of the three heroes and conduct a personal investigation to find the culprit.

The Callisto Protocol

A third-person shooter with hints of horror in the style of Dead Space. The player will be transported to Callisto, in the year 2320. The protagonist is a cargo ship pilot who is imprisoned on Jupiter's moon. However, all the people around have turned into mutants due to infection. And now their main goal is now survival.

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Last Days of Lazarus

Adventure horror from the first person. The main character returns to his homeland, as his mother committed suicide. The player is transferred to some post-Soviet state in Eastern Europe. At some point, the hero begins to see strange supernatural things and wants to get to the bottom of the truth.

The Plague Tale: Requiem

A new part of the horror from the third person. The brother and sister have to go on a journey again and challenge the deadly plague, infected rats and evil guards.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me

The fourth episode of "Dark Pictures" will tell the player the story of the criminal. A certain maniac engineer, who creates deadly tests for people and brutally kills them, considers his crimes works of art.

Evil Dead: The Game

3rd person co-op shooter. The player will have to shoot hordes of zombies together with a friend. The game itself may not seek to scare the gamer. The game is based on the famous 80s horror film The Evil Dead.

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