Types of pumps and their characteristics

motor pump

Choosing the type of pump you need does not have to be a difficult question, you just need to determine the task you have to perform and for this we will provide you with a guide that will be very helpful.

Motor pump, as its name suggests, is a pump that is driven by a motor connected to it. They are required when you need to quickly and efficiently move water from one place to another. They are mainly used in places where there is no electricity and therefore they run on gasoline or diesel; although we also find them electrical.

They have a big advantage and this is their mobility and autonomy; for this reason, they are indicated for irrigating crops, draining water from, for example, pools or septic tanks, supplying water to a site without access to it, among other things.

Types of motor pumps

Depending on what we will use the pump for, we will find several types on the market:

High pressure motor pumps

They create a lot of pressure and are used to move clean water over long distances or on large slopes. They are also used for firefighting. This type of motorized pump provides the necessary pressure for drip or sprinkler irrigation.

Flow or self-priming pumps with an electric motor.

They are used to pump large amounts of clean water at low pressure. They are ideal for filling swimming pools or any other activity that requires quick filling without the need for pressure. Self-priming indicates that no non-return valve is required for suction.

Dirty water pumps

They are used during construction work, pouring basements, garages, etc. Its design allows the pump to be easily opened from the front, making it easier to unlock. Water for motor pumps of this type may contain sand or earth residues.

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Motor pumps for special or anti-corrosion liquids

Specially designed for pumping liquids used in agriculture or industry such as chemical industry, salt water pumping, etc. These types of pumps are made of stainless steel.

Earlier we mentioned some applications for motor pumps, but below we list the main applications for this equipment.

Main use

  • Pumping water from one lake to another (fish farming).
  • For irrigation in the plains, where it is necessary to flood the field due to its high consumption (rice, sorghum, cotton).
  • For taking water from the river and filling cisterns or for draining water during floods.
  • For moving large volume water without the need for high pressure.
  • Carry water over long distances with a certain slope.
  • In the mining industry for jet washing.
  • For sprinkler irrigation system.
  • For lifting water into tall tanks or buildings.

However, when using and purchasing a motorized pump, it is important to consider various aspects, such as: the amount of water you want to pump, flow rate, suction height, maximum water discharge height or lift height. . This will allow you to choose the right type of motor pump and the technical characteristics that the equipment must have to solve the task. It is also necessary to take into account the loss of water from the connection system of pipes, bends, valves, etc., since all this can affect the range or height to which water can reach.

It must be taken into account that the suction height will never be more than 6 meters. This is important as it is recommended to place the pump as close as possible to the suction port and the suction hose must be rigid because if it is flexible it can be sealed. We recommend installing a check valve on both the suction and discharge (depending on whether the trip is long or uphill) to prevent water backflow and engine damage.

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In this article, we briefly reviewed what a motor pump is and why it is used in the household and in industry.

We hope this information was helpful to you. If you have any related comments or concerns, we invite you to leave us your feedback in the comments.

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