How to win a bet daily?

How to win a bet daily?

The more intensively the Internet develops, the larger the audience it reaches and expands its own capabilities. Along with it also grows the opportunities for people who constantly use the Internet. South African online betting sites. Now you can not only have fun, get news and communicate on the Internet, but also make good money doing what you love.

Is it possible to earn on bets steadily

Earning money while having fun is the dream of any person. But all beginners who want to turn the game of betting into stable earnings should understand that this occupation is a serious risk. Money does not fall from the sky, at the beginning of its way the player has to risk his funds, making the initial bets. Some players can also play Table Games. Without a competent strategy and experience, it is almost impossible to make money on bets. As in any profession, in betting you have to go the way from painstaking training and getting bumps on the road to getting dividends from the time and effort spent.

What is the basis of successful betting?

There are three foundations that help you win, are unchangeable and fundamental.
The foundation of sports betting is built on:

  • analytics;
  • financial management;
  • general accounting.

Analytics Whether you can win or not depends on this aspect. Before making a bet, a person must take into account a whole series of factors and take them apart, as they say, to the bone.

Management of personal finance. This component of success in betting must not be neglected. A common mistake made by many players beginning is the irrational use of their bankroll.

Without proper financial management, your chances of winning tend to zero, you are doomed to failure even with successful predictions.

general accounting involves combining the previous aspects into a single picture in order to get an overall view of the match.

Popular betting winning tactics and strategies

In addition to the different types of bets, books use certain tactics and strategies. There are hundreds of them, and none of the strategies are canonical.

Bettors independently choose from them the most appropriate ones and apply them when making bets.

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Such consistent and extremely verified behavior of players allows them not only to win large sums, but also steadily receive financial rewards.

The most popular betting strategies include:

Catch-up - provides for betting on the same event, as long as the prediction on it will come true.

Often used in live format, when the player has the opportunity to watch how the game proceeds, while directly being in the arena.

Corridors: Bets are placed in 2 or more boxes at the same time. The subject of the bets is the same competition.

Suppose one bookmaker accepted your bet on Tottenham. Another bookmaker with the same odds accepted a bet on Chelsea winning. As a result, with correct predictions from the first bookmaker, you get a profit, with the worst case scenario — the amount is burned.

But, having lost in the first office, you can win in the second. If you manage to win in both, you get great earnings.

Flat - a strategy when a player bets on a fixed amount. Such a limit allows the bettor to avoid losing the entire bank.

However, when you use flat betting tactics, you get a slow trend of capital growth and the amount you can win is insignificant.

Let's say you have 10 thousand rubles, you bet at a rate of 5% of the total bankroll, ie the bet is invariably for 500 rubles.

When your capital increases due to winnings, the investment amount may also be increased, but the percentage ratio must remain the same.

Forks - the essence of the tactical boils down to the selection of several events, betting on which will help you win or break even.

Most experts consider this strategy to be a win-win, because in any case, the player does not remain in deficit and even receives more money than he spent on the bets.

But bookmakers are prejudiced against wigglers, so set small odds on bets, block accounts.

Value Betting (Valuation or the strategy of the bookmaker's underestimated event).

The player's task is to examine the betting line in detail and find sporting events with overrated odds.

For example, in the Real Madrid-Barcelona match, many players bet on the favorite (Real Madrid), relying on its superiority in technique and strength. Bettors who use the Value tactic, on the other hand, do the opposite - bet on Barcelona.

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With a single Real Madrid fumble, the walleyes are able to win a very large sum, because the odds on this outcome are always impressive.

Basic rules and possible beginner's mistakes

A list of simple rules of the game, which can save you from many mistakes:

  • Bet only on sports you know well;
  • Play only in offices with high odds;
  • Make a preliminary analysis of a sporting event on which you are going to make a bet;
  • Play according to your own personal strategy. not to bet without thinking;
  • Not to bet more than 1-2% of your bankroll;
  • Not recommended to bet on sports in Live, long expresses (more than four events), bets of the type "I will watch the match".

financial strategies for sports betting

There are also many financial strategies for betting on sports, here we will consider the most common of them:

Flat - the simplest and at the same time the safest financial strategy, according to which all bets should be the same value. The essence of the strategy is that if a player has decided to bet by 3 (5, 10, …) units, the accepted bet size does not change over a long period. The increase or decrease of the bankroll is not a reason to change the size of the bet.

A fixed profit is a more progressive strategy compared to a flat. Here the bet "B" is directly proportional to the foreseeable return "W" and inversely proportional to the value of the odds "K" of the event in question. The bet size is determined by the formula B = W / (K - 1).

The strategy provides artificial setting of the profit value (fixed profit). Safe size of the profit is considered to be within 1/20 - 1/30 of the bankroll, and the recommended odds - from 1.3 to 5.

Martingale strategy — a strategy that came to betting from the casino. The essence of the strategy is that the player sets the size of the first bet and, in case of loss, increases the size of each subsequent bet in half - until he wins. After winning begins a new series with the initial bet. In this case odds on events should be not less than 2.

Kelly criteria. The strategy is to calculate the acceptable size of the bet on the selected event.

The optimal bet is calculated using the following formula: C = (K x V - 1) / (K - 1), where K - odds, V - event probability, C - bet size.

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