"More than a club". The magic of the name is still Barcelona's forte


Over the past few seasons, most of the news from Barcelona looks like it is a chronicle of the life of some middle peasant. Someone was not let out of the club when he wanted to, someone was kicked out, as if he did not score a bunch of goals, who are asked to reduce their salary, calling them a traitor. The club does not want to fulfill its obligations to the players, looking for any violations in the contracts. At the same time, Barca continues to be an incredible size in the football world, collects full stadiums, and a large number of bets are made on matches with its participation. Moreover, in order to interact with the bookmaker, today you only need a smartphone. And the BC 1xBet application can be downloaded completely free of charge on the portal Bookmaker Ratings.  

And it's not just football players who go to Barça, elite players choose blue garnets instead of stable top clubs.

Kunda was turned down at the last moment by Chelsea, Rafinha did not consider any option as soon as Barcelona soared on the horizon. Polish scorer Lewandowski had a fight with almost everyone in Munich for a move to the Camp Nou.

The magic of the name still works for the club. 

If faith does not help, then you should know next to the portal of Faith in the Sagrada Familia there are portals of Hope and Mercy.

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