How to find out what type of RAM is installed on a laptop or PC?

Before you purchase a memory card for a computer or laptop, you first need to find out what format the device supports now. Most users are not interested in the technical side of using a PC, so they do not know how to do it. There are several easy ways to check. Only after the type of RAM becomes known, you can buy strips. You can make it profitable on the site, the online store offers quality products from popular brands.

How to find out what type of RAM is installed on a laptop or PC?

Windows Tools

Users of the most popular Windows operating system can arrange verification through its tools. There are two ways.

  1. Through the start menu. Go to "Control Panel", then click on the "System" section. The third in the list will be "Installed memory", which will display the necessary data.
  2. Through the Task Manager. This feature is available for 8 and 10 OS versions. You need to alternately press the key combinations CTRL + ALT + DEL, then CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. After the new "Performance" window appears, go to the "Memory" tab.

Checking through Windows tools may differ depending on the OS version. The main recommendation is to initially check the OS number.


More confident users can use the BIOS environment. In this case, the check starts immediately after turning on the PC, you just need to press the Del key. Then the BIOS settings will open. For older versions, the Memory Information option is available in the Chipset tab. Here is all the information about the type of RAM.

This method has a number of advantages:

  • you can find out the type even if the OS does not boot
  • it is possible to check several modules in a row
  • the system works quickly, there are no difficulties in downloading information

It is important to understand that the verification process may differ depending on the BIOS version. Manufacturers of new models are trying to simplify the system and provide more complete information.

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How to find out what type of RAM is installed on a laptop or PC?

On the edge of memory

The easiest way to check is visual. No need to run programs and roam the system. It is enough to look under the PC cover and find the RAM bar. You can detach it or, if the location allows, view it directly on your computer.

The main advice from experts is to first find out what the bar itself looks like. You can find data on the Internet.

The bar usually indicates the type of memory and its size. In addition to this data, information about the model, standard and frequency can be located there. There is a type or size on the slats of all manufacturers.

This method has its advantages:

  • no need to install additional applications
  • even an insecure user can check the type
  • you can find out all the data about your bar

But there are also a number of difficulties. The information is on the label and may fade or wear off over time. If the module has a cooling radiator, the sticker will be completely absent. Such bars in 2023 in Ukraine are very common.

Another disadvantage is the need to remove the cover. For many users, this seems complicated. For laptop owners, this method of checking the type of memory is not at all suitable. Therefore, only specialists can remove the cover from such devices using special tools.

With the help of special programs

It is worth downloading additional applications if it was not possible to check the type of RAM in other ways. You should download third-party programs only from specialized sites that provide licensed products.

The main advantage of this method is that the downloaded application will allow you to get much more information about the system, and not just about the type of memory. The following programs can perform such tasks:

  • CPU-Z is an affordable and simple utility, after installation, the Memory tab has all the data
  • AIDA64 application - paid, but allows you to work safely with all types of OS, information is available in the "Motherboard" tab
  • HWiNFO64-32 - Universal Freeware
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Selected programs do not take up much storage space.

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