How to use iPhone if the Power button is broken

If you constantly press the lock button too hard, be prepared for the fact that sooner or later it will break, it can also happen if the phone is periodically dropped or dirt has accumulated around the button.

So, if the iPhone lock button does not work, sticks or works every other time, you definitely need power button repair. But it is also possible to use your iPhone for some time even with a broken button.

What to do if the iPhone lock button does not work

This situation, of course, is not very pleasant, but still not critical, you can still use your iPhone. Here are some tips to help you in this situation:

  • If you need to turn off your iPhone, go to "Settings", "General", "Turn off". This feature has been available since iOS 11. To turn your iPhone back on later, just plug it into the charger and wait a few seconds, the iPhone will turn itself on.
  • If you need to “wake up” your smartphone, for iPhone X models and younger, just tap twice on the screen. For an iPhone with a Home button, simply press that button.
  • You can set up the "Raise to Activate" feature. You can do this in the Settings app, Display & Brightness. When this function is activated, when you pick up the iPhone or take it out of your pocket, the phone will automatically unlock.

How to lock an iPhone without a button

For this purpose, you can set the "Auto-Lock" function. To do this, go to "Settings", "Screen and brightness", "Auto-lock". 

You can set your iPhone to turn off by double or triple tapping the back. This feature became available with the release of iOS 14. So if you have an iPhone X or later, you can set up this feature on your iPhone. However, if you're using an iPhone Xr, you probably won't be able to, since this model has a plastic back. To do this, go to the application “Settings”, “Accessibility”, “Touch”, “Touch from behind”. Here you need to select the type of tapping that suits you, and in the actions select “Block”.

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iPhone lock button stopped working

If the lock button on your iPhone has stopped working, the unequivocal advice is to go to a service center to replace or repair the Power button. Since all the above methods were not good and convenient, it is much better when all controls and all functions work on your iPhone.

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