Long distance relationships: how to keep the fire of passion alive?

Long distance relationships: how to keep the fire of passion alive?

It's great when a loved one is always there and there is an opportunity to hug him. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and long-distance relationships are not uncommon. How to keep love, passion and emotional contact if there are hundreds of kilometers between you?

5 Ways to Keep an Emotional Connection in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance love is difficult, but possible. The main thing is that the desire is mutual, and simple recommendations will help your love only become stronger.

Use technology for intimacy

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Chat via video call

Find at least a little time every day to smile at each other, listen to the voice, show the situation outside the window. Also, do not forget to communicate using instant messengers.

Give gifts

It is much more difficult to congratulate a loved one on a special date if he is far away. The way out is courier delivery, mail or the help of friends. Thanks to this, the gift will be delivered on time.

Plan for the future

We are talking not only about global plans, such as moving to another city or having a baby, but also about joint vacations, job changes, etc.

Write letters

Some may consider paper letters old-fashioned, but if you can send such a message, be sure to try it. Adherents of new technologies should not worry either. An email will be a good alternative, because it can also share emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas - everything that does not fit into a telephone conversation or a message in a messenger.

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What do psychologists say about long-distance relationships?

Psychologists do not agree with the opinion that a relationship far from each other is a road to nowhere. Think of it as a unique experience that will help you better understand your partner, and then, when your couple is reunited, appreciate even more.

Sometimes relationships at a distance can be a difficult test, and in this case it is best to contact a psychologist. By the way, it is not at all necessary to go to therapy separately: online consultations will help both partners communicate with a specialist at the same time.

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