How to protect your iPhone 15 screen from damage

Apple brand engineers have developed a special protective coating composition for the display iPhone 15 Proto make it as resistant to damage as possible. They also designed the edges of the case to be slightly protruding so that they would be the first to take the blow when the device falls. But nevertheless, additional protection for the screen will not be superfluous.

To avoid damage to the front panel, you can choose film or special shockproof glass. Rumor has it that even before the official presentation of the Apple flagship, a number of large manufacturers of smartphone accessories received comprehensive information about the main parameters of the new product’s display. Therefore, films and glasses appeared in stores at just the right time - right on the date of the official presentation of the iPhone 15. In the article we will look at the advantages of these types of protection.

Protective films for iPhone 15 Pro

The site a wide range of apple flagships is presented. The display diagonal of these smartphones is 6,1 inches. A polymer film with a thickness of only 0,1 mm will be a budget-friendly and fairly reliable screen protector. After gluing it, the front panel of the gadget will be protected from:

  • minor scratches and abrasions;
  • cracks formed due to mechanical stress;
  • fingerprints.

Polymer films effectively prevent the formation of defects on the display, but do not reduce the comfort of working with the gadget. After their installation, the sensitivity of the sensor remains unchanged, the intensity of glare on the screen in bright light is further reduced, and the surface acquires water-repellent and oleophobic properties.

Types of protective glass for iPhone 15

Safety glass has its own rigidity and therefore provides a higher level of protection. Even with a strong impact, it takes on the brunt of the mechanical impact and cracks, often leaving the display undamaged. Products can be simple or with special properties - for example, oleophobic or anti-reflective coating.

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There are several types of protective glass for iPhones:

  1. With full contact. These models have an adhesive layer that completely covers the entire back surface. When glued, such glass adheres tightly to the screen at all points. Due to its small thickness and exact fit to the dimensions of the display, installing such protection does not interfere with putting on the case.
  2. With partial contact. The width of these products is greater than that of the display, so their edges protrude slightly around the perimeter. Such protection is not used often, because due to its form factor, not all models of cases will fit a smartphone.
  3. Hybrid. This is the maximum level of protection for a smartphone. The kit includes not only a cover for the display, but also a frame, which is designed to protect the case from all sides. The side surfaces are directly covered by the bumper, and the back cover, in case of a fall, is protected by the frame sides protruding along the perimeter.

Owners of the brand new iPhone 15 Pro have plenty of ways to protect their expensive gadget from mechanical damage. It is much better to spend a relatively small amount on polymer film or tempered glass than to shell out a tidy sum to repair a cracked screen.

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