Sexologist: why you shouldn’t be shy

Sexologist: why you shouldn’t be shy

Sexology is a branch of medicine that studies human sexuality. A sexologist specializes in diagnosing and treating sexual disorders, as well as preventing their occurrence.

Sexual health and satisfaction play an important role in a person's overall physical and psychological well-being. Despite this, many people are embarrassed to discuss their sexual problems and issues, and often prefer not to see a sexologist. However, consultation with sexologist in Perm or in any other city can be the key to solving many problems and improving the quality of life. Let's look at a few main reasons why you should see a sexologist.

In what cases should you consult a sexologist?

  1. Resolving sexual problems: A sexologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various sexual disorders and problems. This may include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, female sexual impotence, anorgasmia and many others. A professional sex therapist can help identify the causes of these problems and develop an effective treatment plan.
  2. Increased intimacy: Consulting with a sex therapist can help partners understand each other better and improve their intimate relationships. A sex therapist can offer tips and techniques to enhance intimacy and enhance sexual pleasure.
  3. Support for sexual trauma and dysfunction: People who have experienced sexual trauma or dysfunction may experience long-term emotional and psychological consequences. A sex therapist can help them cope with these problems by providing emotional support and guidance for recovery.
  4. Contraception and family planning: Sexologists can also advise patients on contraception and family planning. They will help you choose an appropriate method of contraception and consider issues related to reproductive health.
  5. Sexuality education training: Sexologists play an important role in the sexuality education of patients. They can provide information about safe sex, sexually transmitted infections, and other aspects of sexual health.
  6. Support for the LGBT+ community: Sex therapists may also specialize in issues related to sexual and gender diversity. They provide medical care and advice tailored to LGBT+ patients.
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How does an appointment with a sexologist go?

At the first appointment, the sexologist will interview the patient to find out his complaints and medical history. The doctor will then conduct an examination, which may include a pelvic examination, as well as a conversation with the patient's partner.

After the examination, the doctor will make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Treatment may include medication, psychotherapy, and lifestyle changes.

Don’t be embarrassed to see a sexologist. Sexual dysfunction can negatively impact your quality of life, so it is important to seek help promptly.

Here are some tips to help you decide to see a sexologist:

  • Think about what you want to get from treatment. If you don't know what problem you need to see a doctor for, try to formulate your questions.
  • Prepare for your appointment. Think ahead about what questions you want to ask your doctor.
  • Do not be shy. A sexologist is a specialist who will help you solve your problems.

If you are faced with sexual problems, do not hesitate to seek help from a sexologist. Timely treatment will help you improve your quality of life and restore the joy of your sex life.

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