TOP 5 robot vacuum cleaners in 2024

Automation of work processes is advancing by leaps and bounds, including in relation to household assistants. Many people have given up tedious wandering around the apartment with a bulky vacuum cleaner in their hands and have given preference to robotic technology that independently performs a full cleaning cycle. The robot travels around the house along a set route, effectively removes even small fractions of dust, and upon completion of the cycle returns to the docking station to recharge. We looked at the most popular models in 2024 in more detail in the article.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+

The suction flow of 4000 Pa guarantees maximum performance of the vacuum cleaner. From a 5200 mAh battery, the user receives a resource that is enough for 120 minutes of continuous operation in quiet mode. Thanks to the 200 ml wet cleaning unit Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner capable of washing the floor in an apartment up to 150 m2. With the help of the LDS laser system, the equipment does not crash into obstacles. The TÜV Rheinland certificate confirms the complete digital safety of the model.

RoboRock S8 Black

The innovative device works for up to three hours on a single battery charge and copes equally well with dry and wet cleaning of the room. The two-part DuoRoller picks up dirt quickly and doesn't stop working due to hair getting tangled. HyperForce® increases power up to 6000 Pa in particularly dirty areas for best results. The VibraRise wet cleaning system has built-in vibration to remove tough floor dirt.

Rowenta X-PLORER 75 S

The robot vacuum cleaner with the proprietary Smart Exploration 8.0 laser does not miss a single corner or hard-to-reach place during the cleaning process. The set includes three microfiber pads, which can be selected by the user depending on the type of dirt. A set of several brushes, including side ones, allows you to clean up your room in a matter of minutes. The Rowenta vacuum cleaner also handles wet cleaning like a professional floor polisher.

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Samsung VR50T95735W/EV

An impressive and compact robot vacuum cleaner performs a full cleaning cycle in a matter of minutes, silently and unnoticed by household members. Intelligent Jet AI Object Recognition technology recognizes objects on the floor and selects the optimal suction power. The digital inverter motor provides consistently high power for better results. A special station automatically cleans the dust container and prevents dust from returning into the room.

RoboRock Q7 Max

Another model from Roborok features a patented PreciSense laser and high power, so it helps to clean the house efficiently without any extra effort. The rubberized nozzle glides tightly over floor coverings and effectively removes debris stuck in the carpet pile. Capacious containers for liquid and debris mean you are less likely to be distracted by emptying the vacuum cleaner. Any of these models will handle a thorough house cleaning!

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