Safe ways to clean wallpaper: rules and recommendations

Safe ways to clean wallpaper: rules and recommendations

When cleaning wallpaper indoors, it is important to follow certain rules and use safe methods to maintain the quality and appearance of the wall surface. Improper cleaning methods can damage the material and degrade the aesthetics of the interior. Therefore, understanding safe wallpaper cleaning techniques is a key aspect of maintaining a clean and durable wall surface in your home or office. And to avoid any problems or damage, you can contact specialists using this link In addition, when choosing methods for cleaning wallpaper, it is necessary to take into account its type and degree of contamination in order to avoid possible damage and maintain the original quality of the finish. Following safety rules when cleaning wallpaper will also help avoid possible allergic reactions or harmful effects on the health of people in the room.

Preparation before cleaning

Before starting the wallpaper cleaning process, you must carefully prepare the room. This includes removing excess items and protecting the floor and furniture from moisture or cleaning products. It is also important to check the condition of the wallpaper and make sure that the chosen cleaning method is suitable for this type of surface.

Choosing the right cleaning products

Choosing the right cleaning products plays an important role in cleaning wallpaper safely. It is necessary to take into account the wallpaper material and the manufacturer’s specific recommendations. When using chemicals, you must read the instructions and carefully follow safety rules.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on delicate or natural wallpaper to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Prefer mild and neutral detergents specifically designed for wallpaper to avoid fading or changing its texture.

Safe Cleaning Techniques

Proper wallpaper cleaning techniques help avoid damage and maintain the quality of the wall surface. Using soft sponges or rags to wipe down and avoiding too much rubbing will help maintain the integrity of the wallpaper. You should also avoid excessive use of water, especially when cleaning paper wallpaper, so as not to cause its deformation or destruction of the adhesive layer.

  • To remove dust and light dirt, it is recommended to use soft microfiber cloths or special wallpaper brushes.
  • When cleaning stains or more stubborn dirt, it is recommended to use specialized cleaners and test on a small area before treating the entire surface.
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Features of cleaning various types of wallpaper

There are different types of wallpaper, each of which requires a different cleaning approach. When turning to cleaning methods, you should take into account the specific features of each type of material, such as moisture resistance, surface structure and characteristics of the adhesive layer. This will help avoid unwanted damage and maintain the quality of the wall finish for a long time.

  • For vinyl wallpaper, you can use a soft sponge or cloth and a neutral detergent to remove stains.
  • Paper wallpaper requires a more careful approach, so it is recommended to use soft brushes and carefully remove dirt, avoiding intense movements.


Maintaining the quality and appearance of wallpaper indoors is an important task that requires the use of safe cleaning methods. Proper preparation before cleaning, choosing the right cleaning products, mastering safe techniques and taking into account the characteristics of different types of wallpaper will help maintain its durability and aesthetic splendor for many years to come. Following these recommendations will allow you to enjoy the flawless appearance of the walls in your home or office, minimizing the risk of damage and maintaining the quality of the finish for a long time.

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