How is the 15 iPhone Pro different from the 14 Pro? We've collected all the differences you need to know about before purchasing.

How is the 15 iPhone Pro different from the 14 Pro? We've collected all the differences you need to know about before purchasing.

At a presentation on September 12, Apple introduced a new line of smartphones - the iPhone 15. If you want all the coolest technologies that Apple has now, then the iPhone 15 Pro (and its larger version) is definitely worth a look. But at first glance it may seem that apart from new colors, case materials and a more powerful processor, there are no differences from the previous generation. So what's the point of overpaying then? But once you delve deeper, you will notice that the new models are lighter and smaller than last year’s, and the modified shape makes it comfortable to use with one hand. These are not all the changes that await you if buy iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Dimensions 

First of all, you should pay attention to the body of the new iPhones. Now it is not made of steel, as was the case with the iPhone 14 Pro, but of titanium. The device has become lighter, but finally got rid of the terrible glossy frames that leave scratches. In addition, Apple slightly rounded the transition from the side edges to the back panel. LIPO technology was also used in the manufacture of the display, thanks to which it was possible to slightly reduce the frames around the screen, and, consequently, the size of the devices themselves. If the iPhone 14 Pro is a 7,85 mm x 147,5 mm x 71,5 mm device weighing 206 g, then the new iPhone 15 has an 8,25 mm x 146,6 mm x 70,6 mm “body” and weighs 187 G. 

What processor does the iPhone 15 Pro have? 

It was the Apple A17 Pro. The new chipset has a 6-core GPU with support for hardware ray tracing. That is, it has a built-in separate block responsible for this function. Thanks to this solution, the performance of the smartphone does not suffer and FPS does not drop.

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What does it give the user? In addition to the fact that the durability of the iPhone 15 Pro allows you to use it for several years and not worry about power, you can also run console games. The release of Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Village, and Death Stranding specifically for iPhones has already been announced. Behind the processor, Apple is, as usual, at the forefront of the industry.  

iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C connector 

By the way, any game from an iPhone can be displayed on a TV or monitor. On the iPhone 15 Pro, this can be done in 4K 60 FPS resolution, while last year’s analogue, at most, produced 1080p. The new speed is made possible by the transition from traditional Lightning to USB-C, which also supports fast file transfer over the wire. Now speeds reach 10 Gbps, something the iPhone 14 Pro can't even dream of.

Another plus of the iPhone 15 Pro is the ability to recharge using a cable from a MacBook or iPad. With a 27 W adapter you can restore the battery level to 50% in 30-35 minutes. 

Camera in iPhone 15 Pro 

If you look at the characteristics of the cameras, it will not be easy to find the differences the first time. But they exist. Thanks to the USB-C connector, iPhone 15 Pro can record video to external storage devices. The iPhone 14 Pro doesn't have anything close to that.

As for zooming, both models have the same – the best here is the 15 Pro Max with its five times optical zoom.

Is the iPhone 15 Pro worth buying? 

Another important change in the iPhone 15 Pro is the elimination of the silent mode switch. Its place was taken by the universal Action Button. Using it, you can not only turn the sound on and off, but also activate shortcuts, a flashlight, launch the camera, etc.

But, if we talk about prices for the iPhone 15 Pro, then in the AVIC gadgets and equipment store it is:  

  • 45 UAH – 886 GB;
  • 49 UAH (with discount) – 599 GB;
  • 59 UAH – 562 GB;
  • from 65 UAH – 217 TV. 
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Just for comparison. Now you can buy an iPhone 14 Pro with 128 GB for UAH 41395. As you can see, the price difference is not that significant. So, it makes sense to think about buying iPhone 15. All configurations and colors of Apple phones in the series are available in AVIC store.

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