5 Multifunctional iPhone Cables You Should Buy

5 Multifunctional iPhone Cables You Should Buy

The eternal problem of every owner of different devices is the presence of more than 10 different cables at home, which may have completely incompatible connectors. And therefore, when you are going on a trip, you need to pack various cables with you, which quite often occupy a separate organizer. If you're tired of it, we've collected 5 cables for iPhone, which have multifunctional properties and can charge up to 6 different devices.

Save money, time and space in your backpack - with these cables you will forget about the inconvenience forever. So, let's move on to our incredible top, selected by the iLounge online store. 

Multifunctional cable - what is it?

The concept of multifunctionality for a cable is the same as for other accessories. If a cable is multifunctional, it means that it has multiple functions or multiple connectors that allow it to work with different devices. Either simultaneously or simply switch from connector to connector. 

It’s convenient when you have one wire for all occasions and don’t need to carry a bunch of different adapters with you in stock. In addition, this saves not only space in your bag, but also your money, since buying one such accessory with several connectors will be cheaper than buying several similar cables of good quality.

1. Expensive, but high quality: Rolling Square inCharge X

Rolling Square inCharge X - a bestseller that re-introduced the fashion for such design cables. Despite the fact that it is expensive, it has 6 combinations and 3 sizes to choose from - from a short accessory for a key fob, to a full cable for charging Mac/iPhone/AirPods. 

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It has the following connectors: 

  • USB-C
  • USB-A
  • MicroUSB
  • Lightning 

This is one of the best cables of this type. In addition, Rolling Square inCharge X supports power up to 100W, for fast charging and protects the smartphone from overheating, there are magnets for conveniently attaching the accessory to the keychain. 

2. iLoungeMax Multi Fast

iLoungeMax Multi Fast - This is an analogue of Rolling Square. In fact, it has all the same functions and connectors and also supports up to 6 different combinations, which is very convenient for those who often work away from home and need one quality option. The cost of this wire is more affordable, so you can try it before purchasing Rolling Square. Please note that the supported power is slightly lower here - up to 60W.

3. iLoungeMax iCharge

iLoungeMax iCharge – another affordable cable for iPhone, similar to Rolling Square. However, its disadvantage is its not very practical design, which can become loose over time. Also, this option, unlike the original Rolling Square, only has 4 combinations (MicroUSB connector not included), so you'll need to consider that before purchasing. In all other respects, this is a truly affordable option that you can buy and forget about carrying a bunch of wires in your bag. 

4. Mcdodo 4-in-1 data cable

Mcdodo Data Cable 4-in-1 - not exactly the wire we recommended for this. The downside is the design, fixed on silicone rather than metal. However, on the one hand, this is even more practical than previous options. After all, it is more flexible and can work with different devices, and also has a greater length, from 1.2 meters. At the same time, the price of the cable for iPhone is lower compared to previous ones. 

5. Baseus Tungsten Gold one to three

Baseus Tungsten Gold One-for-three – another interesting option that can simultaneously charge 3 devices at once. However, the big disadvantage is that the input cable is USB-A. For now, this is a slightly outdated standard, so if you are critical, you need to take a closer look at this more practical one, for example, USB-C. But in all other respects, this is a very cool and multifunctional accessory that you can take note of. 

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Multi-function cables for iPhones are not a new practice, but it is becoming quite popular as many users work remotely and in different locations. In order not to carry around a bunch of different adapters, wires and others, it is ideal to choose one and forget about it like a bad dream. 

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