Rating of online poker rooms: how to find a trusted site to play?

Rating of online poker rooms: how to find a trusted site to play?

Playing poker for real money is quite risky. There is always a danger of losing. But it’s even worse to play in a room with unfair conditions. Then you will not lose due to chance or ignorance. You will lose because you will not be allowed to win artificially.

Therefore, we consider it necessary to talk about room ratings. We will tell you how to find a good site through them. We will explain how to choose and what criteria to evaluate. Let’s touch a little on the topic of the legality of poker software.

How to choose the best poker room

The ranking of the best online poker rooms is easy to find. By entering this query into the search, you will receive links to many thematic sites. For convenience, you can indicate that you need a rating of rooms for beginners, with a no deposit bonus, with play for rubles, etc. This way you will make the search process easier for yourself by significantly reducing the list of potentially suitable sites.

In the ranking of poker rooms on the site https://pokeronlinerus.com/rooms/ convenient to search. First, look at what ratings are assigned to the rooms and in what positions they are located. The best brands are in the TOP. Then proceed to study the description of the conditions. By clicking on the name of the room or the Review button, you will be taken to a page with a description.

The main criteria for a good site are:

  • Legality – the room must have a current license from any regulator.
  • High traffic – during normal hours the normal figure is 5000 connections.
  • Variety of tournaments and cash tables - it is important that the events are suitable for you personally.
  • High-quality downloadable software - the mobile or desktop client should have all the basic options and capabilities.
  • A large selection of payment methods will make it easier to choose the option that suits you.
  • Russian-language interface and technical support - this makes it easier to understand the rules and resolve controversial situations.
  • Low rake requirements - this is a commission that is paid from each game.
  • Beneficial bonus program - availability of no deposits, reloads, rakeback, VIP system, drawings and promotions 
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Client design and functionality

If you decide to download a mobile or desktop client, be sure to appreciate its functionality and convenience. In particular, clear navigation, normal font, etc. are important. Sound and visual settings are convenient, as well as the ability to customize game parameters.

In a good client you will be able to complete all the procedures. You can top up your account and withdraw money, play, communicate with support. This is important because some rooms don't care about such nuances. Ideally, the client should completely replace the official website.

Legality of additional software

In poker, it is important to be able to calculate moves, pot odds, and determine the potential of cards. Therefore, players learn a lot. But there is an opportunity to simplify the described and other poker tasks - you need to use poker software. These are programs that allow you to collect statistics on yourself and your opponents, analyze the situation at the table, etc.

It’s convenient that some rooms provide their own software or allow you to use additional software. This is written in the rules, you can check with technical support. Usually a list of programs that can be used is provided. 

But there are rooms where assistant programs are strictly prohibited. If admins suspect that you are using such programs, you will receive a ban. Occasionally, proceedings are initiated and the gambler is given the opportunity to prove that he does not use prohibited software.

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