Smartphone Nothing Phone 2: breakthrough or repetition?

Nothing Phone (2) is an attempt to build on the success after the release of last year's Nothing Phone (1). The manufacturer again used a transparent rear panel with LEDs, which distinguished the debut device from its competitors. The feature and difference of the new product was the pumped-up hardware, which allowed the gadget to get closer to the flagships. Modernization also affected smartphone price.

Appearance and design: differences from its predecessor

The back panel of the new phone is made of durable scratch-resistant glass, just like its predecessor. However, thanks to a special layer between the glass and the insides of the device, the microcircuits are not visible through it. This element consists of a variety of fragments with different textures and shapes, decorated with white LED lines, which the developer calls glyphs. All this gives the smartphone an unusual, futuristic look.

The glyphs can blink in time with the ringtone, which looks stylish. However, they carry not only an aesthetic, but also a functional load. For example, LEDs can inform about new messages, camera launch and other events. Some light lines also indicate the volume level when adjusting or show the progress of the active timer. The user has the ability to adjust the brightness and other backlight parameters or turn it off completely.

Key characteristics: processor, memory, camera

Nothing Phone (2) has upgraded its processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ 5G to Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, making the device more modern and powerful. This processor provides excellent performance in a variety of tasks, including high-end games. However, there are some nuances: in demanding games the processor can heat up, and limiting the frame rate to 60 fps may not be enough for some gamers.

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The device is equipped with only two rear cameras: main and wide-angle. Although there is no TV lens, both cameras shoot well in good light and passably in low light conditions. The resolution of each camera is up to 50 megapixels. Thanks to the new sensor, the main camera takes better pictures. Both cameras are capable of shooting video in resolutions up to 4K at 60 fps, and also support image stabilization and autofocus functions.

The front camera has also been upgraded to 32 MP, which allows you to take better selfies compared to the previous model.

Innovations in interface and software

Nothing Phone (2) continues the line of the first model, improving it in several aspects. The device has become more powerful, providing better performance and battery life. The software part of the gadget also received an update. Nothing OS 2.0 offers many more features and settings than the first version. The new product also offers an improved camera and a high-quality screen.

The main disadvantage is its price, which is significantly higher than the starting price of the previous model. While Nothing Phone (1) was asking from €469, the minimum price for Nothing Phone (2) in Europe at the time of release was €679.

Comparison with competitors

If we take Asus Zenfone 10, which came out a month earlier, for comparison, the reasons to choose Phone (2) in this case will be a 0.78″ larger screen diagonal, a 400 mAh more capacious battery, a 23% higher maximum screen brightness and support for a more powerful charging (45W vs 30W).

Compared to the Apple iPhone, 15 reasons to buy Nothing Phone (2) will be a higher display refresh rate - 120 Hz, a 1351 mAh more capacious battery, a fingerprint scanner and 2 more cores in the processor.

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In conclusion, it is worth noting that the advantages of the new product are a proprietary processor, a new version of the OS, a large battery capacity, a large display and fast wired charging. The disadvantages include large size and weight, as well as a high price.

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