is one of the leading CFD and cryptocurrency trading platforms

arbitrex is one of the leading CFD and cryptocurrency trading platforms. Works with the following financial instruments:

  • Forex;
  • ETF;
  • shares;
  • goods;
  • stock indices;
  • crypto-currencies.

 The brand and platform are registered in Switzerland, from where they have a regular license. Arbitsec uses only the latest technologies in its activities. This approach allows us to provide our clients with safe and reliable conditions for conducting transactions with more than 2000 financial instruments.

Account types

  • arbisone – $100 – $1000;
  • arbistwo – $1001 – $2000;
  • arbisthree – $2001 – $10;
  • sessions with analysts;
  • free withdrawal of funds;
  • trading insurance on certain types of accounts;
  • account leverage 1:25;
  • Bonuses.

Trading platform overview

Arbitsec is based on the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, which has been used since 2005 by most Forex brokers and traders. It can be considered as a gold standard trading platform. MetaTrader 5 allows its users to perform technical analysis, monitor the market, recognize trading signals and automate trading so as not to miss any market investment opportunities.

With a fairly simple interface and free online tutorials, MT5 is one of the best trading platforms for beginners. The interface is as simple as possible. Any new trader can learn to use it in less than 5 minutes. MT5 pre-loads the most widely used indicators, oscillators and price charts so that a trader can select them by simply right-clicking on them. The wide selection of technical tools covers most trading strategies and is arranged alphabetically for ease of navigation.

MetaTrader 5 can be downloaded for free from the broker's website. It can be used on any PC or Mac. It can also be installed on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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How to trade on the platform

Now let's see how opening trades works in MetaTrader 5. To buy or sell an asset, you need to create an order, i.e. execution order. To do this, use the “New Order” button on the toolbar. Each order has one required field - volume. It determines the purchase amount and is indicated in lots. The lot size can be found in the contract specifications on the broker's website. For example, for the BTC/USD pair, a full lot is 1 BTC.

There are two more optional fields that allow you to limit profit and loss:

  • Stop Loss – the price at which a losing trade will be automatically closed;
  • Take Profit – the price at which profit will be recorded.

Finally, you can change the order type: this will allow you to open a position not immediately, but when certain conditions occur.

To open an order, you must enter the desired trade size in the volume field and then click “Sell”. The “Market Execution” option allows you to instantly execute an order at market value from MetaTrader 5.

You can also use the One-Click Trading option, which can be found in the context menu that opens whenever you right-click on an MT5 trading chart. This method of opening positions is very fast and ideal for intraday trading and scalping - the only parameter is the number of lots required to make a decision.

To withdraw the amount invested in trading products, you will need to sell them and wait for the transaction to be fully settled. accepts the following withdrawal methods: credit cards and bank transfer. As for the request for withdrawal of funds, it is considered within 3 days - it all depends on the payment system and account status.

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The huge number of powerful tools integrated into Arbitsec provides traders with many advantages. A significant increase in profits will be most important to most people, but the broker also does a great job of reducing the risks associated with highly volatile markets and making the entire cryptocurrency trading process more time efficient.

You can see for yourself the usefulness of Arbitsec by taking advantage of a trial subscription, which allows anyone to try the service completely free and without any obligation. Operator is a great investment in your career as a cryptocurrency or Forex trader, and the 30-100% bonus makes this investment accessible to everyone.

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