Benefits of Product Advertising on Google Shopping

Benefits of Product Advertising on Google Shopping

Many companies use a trade aggregator. This is Google Shopping, which is an Ads advertising platform. Using this option, you can advertise your product and attract new customers to your products. 

Benefits of Google Shopping Product Advertising

The Google Shopping platform provides a high probability that the product will be purchased. Using the platform, you can familiarize the buyer with the company’s products. How best to use advertising can be found on the website, consult with specialists on this matter.

The seller, using product advertising, indicates information about the product. He attracts visitors to his website who are interested in this offer. By entering a search query, a trading platform appears on which the cost of the product, its name and image will be indicated. 

Such advertising has a wide reach. A visitor may see multiple ads. The advantages include ease of management. There is no need to base it on keywords, as targeting requires. When you enter a search query, the information that is provided in the Google Merchant Center will be used.

Advertising on Google Shopping

When using the contextual network, the focus is on keywords. If you use Google Shopping then the search query will be used. This helps simplify the user's actions without creating a complex network that leads to targeted actions. 

Classification occurs in a simple way. The advertiser displays his product on the site and pays only for user clicks on queries related to relevance. You don't need to spend a lot of time managing an advertising campaign. 

How to use Google Shopping:

  • a complete list of products is created that needs to be displayed on the platform;
  • a registration form is organized;
  • convenient form for payment;
  • a cart is created.

Google Shopping ads are created automatically. The advertiser must provide a photo of the product, indicate its price, name, and information about characteristics. After this, the products will be posted on the site and will become available when conducting search queries. The buyer will see the cost of the product and will be able to choose whether to learn more about this product by making the transition. 

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It is important to undergo moderation. The platform has a list of products that cannot be placed on it. Therefore, the advertiser must clarify the type of products that he can advertise. The list of positions is available in a separate category on the service. 

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