Hamster Combat “Hamster” - New Sensation in the World of Tapalok

Hamster Combat “Hamster” - New Sensation in the World of Tapalok

A new star has appeared in the world of cryptocurrencies: “Hamster Combat”. This unique project attracts the attention of investors and users with its innovative approach and promises of high profitability. Let's take a look at what makes Hamster Combat special and when to expect its coin to list.

What is Hamster Combat?

Hamster Combat is a new Web3 gaming project created on the basis of The Open Network (TON) ecosystem inside the Telegram messenger. In a nutshell, this is a clicker game where for every touch on the player’s screen, virtual coins are awarded.

Advantages and Features of Hamster Combat

  1. Unique Mechanism: Hamster Combat is not just another cryptocurrency. Its operating mechanism is based on Proof-of-Hamster (PoH), which uses the activity and energy of hamsters to confirm transactions. This allows for high network security and efficiency.
  2. Staking and Rewards: Users can stake their “Hamster Combat” tokens and receive rewards for supporting the network. The more tokens in the stake, the greater the reward.
  3. Hamster Community: “Hamster Combat” is actively developing its community. Hamsters exchange experiences, discuss strategies and share news. This creates an atmosphere of mutual help and support.

How to play Hamster Combat

In the “Battle of the Hamsters,” the player becomes the CEO of the exchange. There are plenty of exchanges to choose from, from Binance to HTX. By selecting a marketplace logo (which does not affect gameplay, just changes the icon), the player can begin to improve their platform.

For each click the player receives one coin. To speed up the process, three types of amplifiers can be used:

  • Full Energy: Restores full energy level for free, but no more than six times a day.
  • Multitap: Allows you to pay more coins for each click.
  • Energy Limit: Increases energy limit by 500 units; also paid.

You can earn coins by subscribing to the Telegram channel and the X-account of the project, as well as by inviting friends. If three of your contacts join the “Battle of the Hamsters”, you will receive 10 coins. All this is available in the “Earn” tab.

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Passive Earnings and Mining (continued)

On the “Mine” page, players can use their mined coins to purchase special cards that improve the operation of the crypto exchange. Here are the card categories:

  • Markets: Cards related to trading on the platform.
  • PR & Team: Maps to improve advertising campaigns.
  • Legal: Maps for regulatory compliance and licensing in different regions.
  • Special: Cards for various events, such as pizza day.

The more cards a player has, the higher his passive income. However, coins are credited only within three hours after leaving the game. After this, mining stops, and for it to start again, you need to go into the application.

Hamster Combat Token Listing

The exact listing date of the Hamster Combat token is still unknown. However, the developers promise that it will definitely take place.

“To be listed! We will inform you about the dates, but there are none yet. And this is just the beginning, because the most interesting things are yet to come! ” said the project team.

According to the roadmap, the listing of the token under the ticker HMSTR is expected in June of this year. You can follow all the latest updates on Hamster Combat in the official Telegram channel of the game.

Withdrawing Money from Hamster Combat

At the moment, withdrawing money from the application is impossible, since the token does not exist yet.

The listing is scheduled for June. The developers did not give a specific date, but confirmed that players will be able to use the airdrop to receive tokens for free by fulfilling certain conditions.

Additional Information about Hamster Combat

At the time of writing, the Hamster Combat Telegram channel has more than 17 million subscribers, becoming the largest community in the messenger in just a few months. For comparison, Notcoin has just over 8 million subscribers, and the Telegram News channel has 7 million.

“Khomyak” is not just a cryptocurrency. This is a whole world where hamsters cooperate, earn money and develop together. Join to this sensation and find out how “Hamster” can change your life! 🚀🐹

PS The article is not financial advice and is the subjective opinion of the author!

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