How to choose air mattresses in the Miracle Island online store

How to choose air mattresses in the Miracle Island online store.

Air mattresses have become an indispensable attribute for outdoor recreation, traveling or receiving guests. The Miracle Island online store offers a wide range of air mattresses for any need. In this article, we'll look at how to choose the perfect mattress to suit all your needs.

Why choose air mattresses?

Convenience and comfort

Air mattress provide a high level of comfort thanks to the soft surface and the ability to adjust the level of rigidity. They are ideal for use both at home and outdoors.

Easy to transport and store

Deflatable air mattresses take up minimal space, making them easy to store and transport. They easily fit in the trunk of a car or on a shelf in a closet.

Versatility of use

Air mattresses can be used in different situations: for sleeping outdoors, as extra space for guests, or even as a temporary bed during renovation.

Types of air mattresses

Single air mattresses

Single mattresses are intended for one person. They are compact, lightweight and convenient for use on campsites or as extra sleeping space at home.

Double air mattresses

Double mattresses provide more space and are suitable for two people. They are ideal for relaxing outdoors with a partner or for entertaining guests.

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Air mattresses for children

Children's air mattresses are specially designed for smaller users. They are smaller in size and have additional safety features to ensure a comfortable and safe sleep for children.

Materials and design

Vinyl and PVC

Most air mattresses are made from vinyl or PVC. These materials provide high strength and durability. They are moisture resistant and easy to clean.

Flocked coating

The flocked cover gives the mattress softness and comfort. It also prevents bedding from slipping and makes your sleep more pleasant.

Built-in pumps and valves

Some models of air mattresses are equipped with built-in pumps, which simplifies the inflation process. Valves also play an important role, they must be reliable and easy to use.

Sizes and shapes

Standard sizes

The most common are single and double mattresses in standard sizes. They are suitable for most users and provide enough space for a comfortable sleep.

Special shapes and sizes

Some air mattresses come in custom sizes or shapes, allowing them to be used in specific environments, such as narrow tents or cars.

Comfort and Support

Back support

High-quality air mattresses provide good back support due to their special design and materials. This is important for healthy sleep and preventing back pain.

Level of hardness

The firmness level of the mattress can be adjusted by adding or deflating air. This allows you to customize the mattress to your individual needs.

Weight distribution technologies

Modern air mattresses use technologies that ensure even distribution of weight over the entire surface. This improves comfort and prevents ridges and unevenness.

Ease of use

Easy to load and release

Air mattresses are easy to inflate using manual, electric or built-in pumps. Bleeding air also takes a minimum of time and effort.

Easy to transport

Deflatable mattresses can easily be placed in special bags or cases, which makes them convenient for transportation over any distance.

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Popular brands of air mattresses


Intex air mattresses is one of the most famous brands offering a wide range of high quality air mattresses. Their products are reliable and comfortable.

The best way

Air mattresses Bestway is another popular manufacturer of air mattresses, offering various models for every need. They are known for their affordable price and high quality.

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