Telegram game: Catizen - make money with cats!

Telegram game: Catizen - make money with cats!

The world of clicker bots is developing rapidly, and Catizen, a new project similar to Notcoin, is ready to challenge the usual rules. Catizen bot − this is an opportunity to plunge into the world of crypto earnings with exciting gameplay.

This is a project based on the “Play to Airdrop” model, which combines Metaverse, GameFi and in the future AI technologies, working on the TON and Mantle blockchains. Users breed cats, care for them, and random players, fascinated by them, reward the owner with internal game coins.

Just like games Hamster Combat and Blum, the Catizen telegram bot is a full-fledged gaming platform. The player will find not only breeding cats, but also many other exciting opportunities. The main goal of the game is to earn $CATS cryptocurrency. Participants in the game can cross cats, play different apps, and complete challenges to earn coins. Due to the fact that Catizen bot uses advanced blockchain technologies, this makes the game not only exciting, but also promising.

The developers of Catizen not only give you a cute world of cats, but also care about the benefits of the players. Players will be able to receive up to 35% of their investment in NFT format. Regular updates and expansion of the bot's capabilities will not let participants get bored.

Catizen - how to play?

Go to Official Catizen bot — click “Run”, then Play and we’re in the game!

Next, we cross cats of the same level, while getting a cat one level higher, for example 1+1 - 2, 2+2 - 3 and so on. Each cat brings profit coins/second. In the future, the cats appear on their own or you can buy them yourself in the store to speed up the pumping process.

The platform offers many ways to earn virtual currency, which will not only make the game even more interesting, but also give players a chance to make real profits.

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Catizen - how to make money? 3 ways to virtual wealth:

  1. Breeding cats - makes it possible to cross different breeds, creating unique furry pets, experiment with genetics and create rare and valuable breeds, sell them to receive virtual currency.
  2. Participation in tournaments and competitions is an opportunity to test your skills and skills and receive valuable prizes in the form of cryptocurrency or game items.
  3. Referral program - allows you to attract new players to Catizen telegram and receive bonuses for this. To increase your income, you can expand your referrals.

These earning methods provide players with various strategies to increase their earnings in the Catizen game, making the gaming experience not only entertaining, but also potentially profitable. There is also fishing and roulette. These innovations will make it possible to get additional boosts in the game!

Catizen - how to withdraw money?

Withdrawal of tokens is not currently available, but you can start earning them. Over time, it will be possible to withdraw money to your wallet NEAR Wallet.

Phases of development

Catizen - when is the listing? According to the project roadmap, the listing of the $CATS cryptocurrency may take place in the near future. This means there is a limited time to maximize your coin holdings. Therefore, you should actively breed cats to accumulate coins before this moment.

But there is something else that can please players - this is the possibility of staking coins before listing. This is a process in which you can “freeze” your coins for a certain period of time, thereby helping to protect the network and receive rewards for it. Staking can be a great way to increase your $CATS capital before listing. It is also worth mentioning that we have signed contracts with 18 popular WeChat mini-games.

The Catizen bot developers presented a detailed project roadmap for the entire current year, which promises exciting events and new opportunities for players:

  1. The first quarter is the launch of a center for casual games with cats in Telegram and the introduction of the Play-to-Earn airdrop system.
  2. When is Catizen listing? Second quarter – listing of the token on major cryptocurrency exchanges and airdrop.
  3. Third quarter – launch of the gaming economy with staking, adding gaming NFTs, conducting airdrops.
  4. Q4 - Expanding and innovating, integrating AI and AR components into Catizen to create a more immersive and interactive gaming experience.
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Upgrade your cats - the stronger he is, the more coins he brings. The game has strong support from TON, and Catizen Airdrop already confirmed. Don't miss the chance to become part of this promising project!

Start playing today!

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