Vertus Miner: Convenient and Safe Mining Application on Telegram

Vertus Miner

Vertus miner − this is a new, but less popular mining application inside Telegram than Blum, TapSwap or NEAR Wallet. The game was developed by Vertus Foundation. The main goal of the crypto project is to make cryptocurrency easy to use, as safe and accessible as possible for users.

Vertus - what is it and what is special about it

To start mining, you do not need to make any investments or link your wallet, which provides the user with security.

Some other similar games, such as HOT, require payment of commissions for coin branding. Vertus does not provide a commission, which greatly simplifies mining.

The mining game is simple and understandable - anyone can master it in the shortest possible time.

VERT - what kind of cryptocurrency?

Using the Vertus miner, developed on the TON blockchain, users can mine $VERT tokens and place them on crypto exchanges in the future. You can use the bot both on a mobile device and on a computer.

Essentially, Vertus is a clicker game that offers users:

  • farm Vertus coins, which in the future can be exchanged for the TON token;
  • wait for the promised listing when the cost of Vertus-coin increases in order to make money on the price difference.

The developers claim that $Vert has good prospects because it can be integrated with TON. In turn, this will provide:

  • speed and smoothness of transactions and gradual increase in volumes;
  • creation of a convenient and safe cryptocurrency ($Vert), which will be available to every user.

The authors promise to finalize the toy and make a custodial Vertus miner wallet, in which you can save TON coins and read tokens in addition to the internal crypt.

About the developers and popularity of the project

The developer of the Vertus project was the Vertus Foundation (year of registration: 2021, country of registration: India). The game is being developed and is actively promoted on social networks.

For example, about 155 subscribers are registered on the X network, and more than three hundred thousand subscribers on Telegram. Additional information about the project is published on the Medium platform.

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When will the VERT cryptocurrency be listed?

The developers of the Vertus project are actively involved in placing cryptocurrency on exchanges in order to popularize it among a wide audience and make it more liquid. At the moment, the exact timing of the listing has not been determined.

Quoting the developers, we can add that placing the VERT coin on crypto exchanges will make it easier for a large number of users to interact with it and invest in it. The founders promise to keep the community informed about how the business is progressing and when it is time to list.

Today, users have access to mining Vert tokens inside Telegram, which does not require much time and remains free. It is recommended to follow the official resources of the project for additional information and news. We can roughly estimate how much you can earn by farming coins, for example, the Binance exchange shows an approximate cost of 7 cents and it continues to grow.

How to launch Vertus and how to play it?

Once in the bot, you need to click on Menu, click on Start App and Open App. You will receive a custodial wallet on the TON blockchain and an offer to familiarize yourself with background information about the application.

By logging into the application Vertus wallet, please pay attention to the following items:

  1. At the top right side there is a QR code that encrypts your wallet address. If you need to copy it, just tap on the code.
  2. Chest with coins “Total balance”. As the name suggests, this displays the future balance in $, which will become relevant after listing.
  3. Green coin “VERT Balance”. Here you can see how many mined coins are stored on your balance. By clicking on it, you will open the converter described above.
  4. Chest with green coins “Storage” “Mining”. This is where VERT mining takes place. To start mining, you need to click on “Collect” (or “Claim”) - this will allow you to brand the coins when the storage is full. In addition, in this section you can find a referral link, as well as a list of tasks for which you are entitled to bonuses (replenishing your account with coins).
  5. At the bottom is “Portfolio”. A block designed for a briefcase with coins. It is worth noting that the TON crypto wallet address provided in the game works for Toncoin coins: if you send them, you can see how the balance is replenished. However, since the address is custodial and managed by a third party, only tokens can be transferred to or from it.
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Upgrading methods to speed up mining

To increase the efficiency of coin mining, it is necessary to upgrade the storage, as recommended in the special “Upgrade” section. Upgrading will help increase the storage capacity (it will hold more coins) and increase the mining speed. To level up, you need to reinvest the mined coins into the appropriate boosts.

  1. Farm, Increase passive mining. It needs pumping first of all, since it directly affects the speed of mining.
  2. Settlement, Boost mining speed. It also allows you to speed up the extraction of coins.
  3. Safe Deposit, Increase the fill time to claim less often. Upgrading increases the storage capacity, allowing you to look into the Vertus wallet application less often to brand coins.

Tasks and referral program

In the application, it is possible to complete small tasks for coins to speed up your leveling. This could be either subscribing to a telegram channel or launching one of the partner bots of this project. The rewards are small, but are updated regularly and allow you to speed up your mining.

You also receive rewards for visiting the app every day. That is, by continuously visiting the application for 12 days, we will receive up to 3 Vert coins.

It is worth paying attention to the referral program

  1. Invite friends: By inviting friends to the Vertus app, you receive a bonus of 16% on each of their transactions. This bonus is automatically credited to your account every time your invited friends receive their mined $VERT tokens.
  2. Bonus distribution: It is important to note that this bonus does not reduce the rewards of your friends. They receive their tokens in full, and your bonus represents an additional reward from the Vertus Foundation. This makes the system attractive and beneficial for both new and current users.
  3. Referral link: To invite friends, use the unique referral link available in the application. This link can be shared via social media, email or directly via platforms such as Telegram.

Main conclusions about the Vertus miner

Vertus is a simple mining game that doesn't take much time. The user spends just a few minutes on the app, clicking “Collect” to brand coins into the vault. The tasks offered are simple and can be completed fairly quickly. And it will take you a little more time to pump up your storage. In general, interacting with the game takes only a few minutes a day. And most importantly, the game does not require any money.

It is worth adding that the Vertus miner is developing, updates are being developed, and the number of users is growing steadily.

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